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Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / I have started my journey
« on: July 23, 2011, 08:38:19 AM »
 Hello board,

  I want to thank you for a place like this. I never even considered becoming a lawyer when I was younger. I got involved with politics and issues important to me when I lived in Florida. I realized that working in the field of law would give me the credibility when dealing with people in those issues, so I looked into becoming a paralegal (I still didn't think I had what it took to be a lawyer). I will be 44 next month and I had never attended college before.

  In North Carolina I attended school for two semesters as a paralegal major. I then moved back home to Lancaster Pa. I was half-way through my second semester in NC when I learned I was going to move back here. It was then I realized that I could actually go on and attend law school. I talked to my professor/instructor from NC before I left. He is bar certified in Florida and Pennsylvania and has been a paralegal instructor for 25-years. I figured he would know if I had what it took, as far as brains go, to attend law school. He felt I did, so I am on track here in PA.

  I am looking forward to my second semester at Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC). None of my credits from South College in NC transfered, so I am starting over again. I am a Political Science major and I am duall enrolled in Penn State Harrisburg. That means that all my credits from HACC, as long as I maintain a C average or above, will transferr to Penn State Harrisburg and the transfer fees will be waived.

  My ultimate plan is to go on to attend Dickinson Law School after I get my BA with Penn State. I have talked with the admissions director with Dickinson. He said I am on track and as long as my grades stay up and I have good LSATS I have as good a chance as any body else to get in.

  I have read some of the posts about non-traditional students and how it is harder for us than the younger crowd to get good-paying jobs, so I am not having dreams of being hired by a huge law firm in New York or San Fransico. I just want a decent career at this point in my life. I am not married and I have no children. I can give a career the attention much younger folks would, with the added bonus of wisdom  and life experience that the younger crowd doesn't have.

  Thank you again for the board. I am looking over the questions asked here, reading the LSAT information and watching what is said about schools and all the questions being asked. It does help to know I have somewhere to go when I need help.  :)

Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Re: Law School and grades
« on: January 28, 2010, 08:45:31 PM »
 Thank you.

Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Law School and grades
« on: January 28, 2010, 09:40:16 AM »
 I have been reading on the board for a little while, but would like some clarification on something.

 I am 42-years-old and I live in Western North Carolina. I don't have any college so I will be attending a community college to get my prerequisites. My question is, can I get into a top law school taking prerequisite courses at a community college?

 I don't have much money, I am hoping to get grants or at least qualify for student loans which is why I am attending a community college and not a major university.

 From my research, I do realize that I have to get at least a 3.5 gpa and very good scores on the LSATs. What else should I do to better my chances to get into say..Penn State or Chapel Hill (North Carolina law school).

 Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

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