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Law School Admissions / NYU ED acceptance + scholarship money?
« on: December 08, 2009, 05:31:23 PM »

Earlier today I was accepted to NYU Law ED. If I submit scholarship essays before the Jan 1st deadline do I have a chance of getting any money? Has anyone who applied ED and was accepted ED received scholarship money in the past from NYU?

Thanks for any pointers

Law School Admissions / addendum question about cancelled score
« on: November 07, 2009, 10:20:08 AM »

So, I was one of the 4 kids or something that brought a cell phone to CW Post on 9/26/09. I gave the proctor my cell phone before the test but I was removed from the center. Since then I've emailed LSAC and told them I had extenuating circumstances--namely major unplanned surgery on 9/14/09, seizure risk, etc. They offered me a candidate cancel, I accepted that option. I plan to write about the surgery in my PS, does it bear repeating in an addendum? I also had some pretty wicked temp. expressive aphasia for 2 weeks. The addendum would just be a list with dates. So not too long.

Any consensus on writing an addendum to list interests and other activities that there isn't space for on the resume?




I've searched through the website but I am not picking up an answer to my query. What are people's opinions of using book references in personal statements as footers? The reference would be to medical statistics.

Sorry if it has come up before.



It says "routine punishment...chaos" Then the prompt says that a society should "never ..unpunished".

The the reason that D is correct is that it is a far way away from routinely breaking the law to never allowing someone a break.

A simplied example: 1 instance of jaywalking will not necessarily result in chaos per the stimulus (because it is not routine) and thus it may not need to be punished. Whereas everyone everyday (routinely) jaywalking would lead to chaos.

On occasion, it might be ok to not punish someone so the never requirement is extreme.

Or so I think.

Wouldn't mind reading it if it still out there. Starting to write my own and I'm trying to get a handle on this kind of writing vs. the writing I've done in the past.

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