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Here's the deal... I've wanted to attend law school for TEN YEARS now. I'm 32 and married with a seven year old child, and my husband has a good job here in Boston. He absolutely cannot relocate due to the economy and his existing student loans. I applied to all the law schools in the area, but I was rejected from BU and waitlisted at BC. I really do not want to attend one of the fourth tier schools in the area, and I stupidly did not apply to UCONN before the application deadline.

I was about to give up on my law school dreams once again when I miraculously received a full tuition scholarship for students who plan to work in public interest... at a school that is 10 hours away from home.

With the encouragement of my husband, I deposited to this school. However, I am now extremely nervous and having second thoughts. How can I leave my family behind? I don't want my son to have psychological issues for the rest of his life. I worked as a social worker for several years and have seen the grim consequences of children from broken homes as well as those with negligent parents. A 15 year old girl I once worked with took her own life; as a child, she had to live with her aunts for three years while her parents were in law school (and I guess never got past the trauma).

I don't know what to do. Should I wait another year (and take the lsat for the third time in eleven years), or just take the bait and hope to transfer back in a year? 

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