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Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Scholarships and AA
« on: April 23, 2009, 09:15:46 AM »
So I've accepted a spot at UNC for the fall with no scholarship offers after turning down substantial money awards at higher ranked universities (though UNC was still cheaper since I'm in state). I was looking on LSN and saw a lot of people who were going to UNC as well with scholarship offers but with much lower gpas and lsats than me (15 points lower on the lsat). All of these people were minorities and they have received Merit Based awards since the other financial awards have not been given out yet.
Really, I understand Affirmative Action. I understand why it is in place and why it is needed, and for the most part I support it. I understand that racism still exists and if me not being awarded a scholarship is the only form of "racism" I ever experience then I will gladly take it over what other people have to deal with. But I don't understand why it's "fair" (sounding really whiny here. I apologize.) Especially for a graduate program. Most students going into law school are paying their own way and we're all going to come out with the opportunities to get the same well-paying jobs (isn't that why a lot of people go to law school?). We all need that money whether we are white, black, hispanic, whatever. Why is the color of your skin a merit for which you get a scholarship? Am I being really ignorant in not understanding this? I mean, obviously this is coming as a personal result from feeling like I deserved to be considered for a scholarship offer, but I just feel especially in the case of Merit scholarships that there should be a certain academic standard implied. I'd just like an open discussion. Really, I'm not going to argue about it. If anything, I want to understand.
Thank you!

Thanks for your opinions :) I sent my seat deposit in to UNC today but I also have one in at WUSTL which is refundable until May 1 and W&M isn't due til May 1 either so I suppose I still have all the options. But so far, it looks like UNC may be the most practical for my current plans. I think the overachiever part of me is a little disappointed that I'm going to the state school with no scholarship...silly? Probably. But hey, that's me...hah

I think one of my biggest concerns is...what if I change my mind about public interest or even staying in NC. Maybe I'll want to try a new place for a little while. Will I regret not going to a "better" school because of more limited options?

Choosing the Right Law School / Need Help Deciding! WUSTL, W&M, UNC
« on: April 13, 2009, 08:07:43 PM »
GPA - 3.3 LSAT - 169
So I know the rankings of these schools are pretty spread out...Wash-U is 19, W&M is 30, UNC is around 38. However, there are more factors going into the process and I'm having a hard time deciding what I should consider most important.
First, Carolina and W&M are much cheaper than Wash-U even after scholarships. It will be about double the price to go to Wash-U whereas UNC is roughly 15k and W&M 17k a year. Currently I am interested in human rights law which I don't imagine will have a large payout so debt is something I have to take into consideration though I suppose there is always the chance I'll change my mind and all the schools offer LRAPs. Also, I have plans to return to NC (my home) to get a job so Carolina sort of evens itself out in the rankings when you consider that I'll be staying in state. I am also very close to my family and my father hasn't been in very good health for the past few years which makes staying around an appealing option. However, Carolina isn't my best option and I would like to be the best I can be. Their facilities (building, library, court room, etc) were disappointing compared to the other two, but I'm not sure how much this reflects on the education I'd receive there. As a side note, my boyfriend of 3 years is in school in Memphis and St. Louis is the closest I can get with a decent school (I was waitlisted at Vandy). I suppose there are always more plane rides. Anyways, I have a whole great list of pros and cons to all of them - hah - but I would really appreciate talking to someone about their opinions.

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