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Current Law Students / A Letter to my classmates
« on: February 08, 2010, 09:03:24 PM »
I've seen a few people share observations about their schools, so here's mine.....

Dear professor A: Please stop posing important questions, allowing morons to participate, and then never providing the actual answer.  My outline currently consists of half finished statements

Dear Guy who leans back in his chair with his arms crossed and answers everyone question like he's the most authoritative person alive: You're in the bottom half of our class, so shut the f**k up.  All you need is a monocle for your a-hole ensemble to be complete.

Dear girl who answers every obvious question: Believe it or not, we all thought of the answer 5 minutes ago but it was too obvious to say out loud.  Please stop looking around the classroom like you blew our f**king minds.

Dear coffee breath:  I know you're tired, but I'm tired too.  Please stop drinking 10 cups of coffee and then trying to talk to me at close range. It smells like you just ate a dirty diaper.  Switch to iced tea or try brushing your teeth.

Dear ivy-league undergrad kid: It's really great that you went to Harvard and wear your Harvard *&^% everyday to remind everyone that you went to Harvard, but no one f**king gives a *&^%.  Why don't you spend less time talking about Harvard and more time not placing in the bottom half of the class?

Dear parents who bring their kids to school with pink eye:  It's f**king disgusting, so please stop giving me dirty looks when you overhear me telling our other classmates how f**king disgusting it is.

Dear girl who raises her hand 1 minute after class should have ended:  Seriously stop, or I'm going to bring rotten fruit to class and throw it at you.

Dear mooch who sits around and whines about work but never actually does any: No, you can't have my outlines, research, notes, or anything else I spent hours slaving over while you got drunk. 

Dear girl who acted like she was better than everyone all last semester but failed to makes honors: This theoretically should have humbled you, so why are you still acting like a female dog to everyone?

Transferring / Re: Transfer - what to shoot for?
« on: January 20, 2010, 06:24:56 PM »
I would love some advice on this as well.  I'm at a slightly lower ranked school with a somewhat higher gpa.  I'm # 2 in my class.  Would T10 or T3 be reasonable or a waste of my time?

Current Law Students / Are other 1Ls still waiting on grades?
« on: January 12, 2010, 11:10:17 AM »
Is everyone still waiting on grades from last semester or are my professors just lazy a-holes?  It seems ridiculous that they haven't posted them more than a month after finals.  When does everyone else get their Fall grades?

Has anyone heard of administrators retaliating after a failed attempt to transfer?  I'm thinking mostly in terms of a career services official who becomes unfriendly or a Dean who is less willing to be helpful later on.  Maybe I've read too many JD underground stories about BLS retaliating against would be transfers but it's something I'm nervous about. 

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