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Thanks everyone, keep the good advice coming!

So far I've emailed the admissions depts. of:


Not a fantastic selection of schools but I'm limited by geography and loan funding as to where I can go.

Hi there,

I'm what you would call a non traditional, I was educated in the UK (high school & 3yr BA degree) and left university in
2002 with a 3 year BA. My grades in high school are decent (A's & B's) but university grades are quite poor since I spent so little time focusing on my course in favor of renovating houses and apts. After graduating I kept on flipping homes and setup my own building/construction company and was doing well until unforeseen circumstances took everything I'd worked for away from me. Anyway fast forward to 2009 and I'm currently in the  green card immigration process with my American wife so I have no SSN as yet but the interview is about 9 weeks away. Assuming all goes well and I get all the necessary documents, where do start on my law adventure?

I live in SD county CA and I'm looking for advice on what schools people recommend within commuting distance, where to start the application process, grades translation/interpretation, financing, grants and the dreaded LSAT prep clases!

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