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Law School Admissions / Miserable UGPA, finally know why...
« on: January 18, 2009, 10:58:00 PM »
I'll use this as an intro post and for a couple of burning questions...  I'm 27 with a family, so somewhat non-trad and can't just pick up and move anywhere - OKCU's summer conditional would have been great if I could have justified moving my wife and 2 year old to OKC without an actual "real" acceptance.  That was my only real success for last cycle, if one can call that a success.  I've got a work history in telecom, passable LORs, and a 161. LSDAS cum 1.49, degree was 3.45 until I transferred to Western Governors University to speed up the process of finishing the bachelors, where all grading is pass/fail...  so on with the questions...
-What will they do with my degree GPA since WGU doesn't give any grades at all, so there's absolutely nothing to average?
-I know LSDAS won't count any courses taken after the degree is granted in the cum or degree GPA.  That said, would it benefit me to take as many undergrad credits as I can now before I graduate at other schools not related to my degree? Things that come to mind are the FEMA courses that, in total, are worth about 41 credits through Frederick Community College, ( and which has about 24 RA credits available through the usual suspects of RA "distance" schools.  So before May when I get the bachelors, I could with minimal effort add 65 credits of 3.7-4.0 to to my LSDAS report.  But WGU won't take them as transfer credits - they'd just be out there on the transcripts of the schools granting the credit.  Would they still be calculated in, since they'd be taken concurrently with the degree but not in pursuit of the degree?  Would the law schools look at these transcripts and say "wow look at how much he took on at once!" or "wow those aren't real credits that took real work to earn, even though it's 65 credits of As!"?
-I have some failing semesters (obviously, if you saw my GPA).  I was recently diagnosed with narcolepsy, which explains a fair part of the troubles I had when I was younger.  I've written a letter of appeal to my first UG school, trying to get my last semester changed to "non-punitive withdraw" instead of "F", which would boost me a bit if it worked, but I'm not holding my breath...  When I reapply, is it worth mentioning the narcolepsy and the 10 years it took to get it diagnosed and treated in a personal statement or addendum, or will this just sound whiny and get me roundfiled?
-I'm considering pursuing a masters (either the Harvard Extension ALM with thesis, minimum 2 years or TCU's Master of Liberal Arts with no thesis, 1-1.5 years).  Assuming I do extremely well, will this be benefit to my application even though it obviously doesn't count in the UGPA?
Thanks so much, all...  Sorry for the lengthy first post.  I was soundly trounced my first app cycle, and I need to figure out how to overcome my past..  161 isn't a killer score, but I honestly thought it would balance the UGPA more than it did.  BTW, I visited Mass School of Law, who probably would have taken me, but the non-ABA schools are not a valid option for me at this point in time, and I was less than impressed by the Assistant Director of Admissions answering a very specific question regarding ability to practice in a particular state with what I believe to be an intentional, outright lie.  If you're looking at them as an option, caveat emptor.  Forgive typos, it's almost 2 AM and my 2 year old is still fighting sleep  ???

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