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Job Search / Re: Godfrey and Kahn or Michael Best and Friedrich?
« on: October 15, 2008, 03:33:57 PM »
Unfortunately the hours are the hours...and I believe at both firms they are around 1850 plus pro bono, development etc. 

With that being said, I can honestly tell you that 95% of the attorneys are out of the office by 6-7pm most days, that attorneys are not working in the office all weekend (or even at home), and that there is a good work/life balance (considering you are still working at a large firm). 

I think it is hard to give a weekly depends on practice group.  Litigation usually has heavy weeks and light weeks whereas for the most part, business, employment, etc. is more consistent hours.  I can also tell you that attorneys at MBF are coaches of their kids sports teams, attend plays, take long weekends, AND VACATIONS.

As for bonuses, I believe there is a bonus for hours ($10k) and a separate non-hour based bonus for contribution to firm.  Feel free to ask both/either firm about their hours, salary, bonus, etc. 

Job Search / Re: Godfrey and Kahn or Michael Best and Friedrich?
« on: October 15, 2008, 09:56:09 AM »
Having worked the previous two summers at Michael Best in MKE and having a feel for the Milwaukee market, I can tell you that the personality of the two firms differ greatly.  Therefore, in my opinion, the firm that you can identify more with: regarding the individuals that you met and the atmosphere of the firm, is probably the place you should end up at(do they have open door policies, are people smiling, do the assistants look upset, etc.).

Both firms have a good reputation in the city, will provide good work for big clients, etc.

Regarding Michael Best, the reason it really stood out to me, was that it is not your traditional stuffy law firm.  Attorneys are animated and diverse, there is an excellent level of comradery that transcends practice group, associate/partner, etc.  Additionally, summer associates and young associates get REAL WORK.  While intimidating at first, I think the success of MBF's summer program is the number and sophistication of projects and responsibility you are given.  This gives you an excellent picture in determining whether you like the work, the people, etc.

Ultimately its a gut feeling...for me that was MBF.

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