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I live in utah and met with the law schools admissions today.  I did study for the lsat but always found logic games and the like very easy.  My gpa has been very well for the past 5 years but is brought down severly because of earlier classes.  I do hang around on lawschoolnumbers but haven't found much hope since I do not have any soft factors that come close to others.  I don't play sports, don't participate in school groups, functions, etc.  I just focus on my kid, school work, volunteer work, and getting by.

I am 35 (not old at all unless you are 20  ;) ) but it has been implied by my local law school that I do not have the factors they are looking for nowadays.  I started school 17 years ago, left school after 2 semesters with a 1.8 gpa.  Went back to school 5 years ago, made deans list 7 semesters, but still get a 3.15 lsdas gpa.  I didn't get involved in the school activities because I am a single mom, volunteered at the same place for 5 years and just wanted to focus on my son.  I guess that is frowned upon.  I took the lsat and got a 176, so I thought I would be okay with great recommendations, BS in Economics, but I guess I was wrong.  Should I really try for law school or should I just give up with the thought that I did what was best for my family, not for "school image"?

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