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i'm a 33 year old mom to 5 children and would love to go back to law school.  Can anyone help me assess my chances at getting into a t14 school?  I graduated from Yale College, cum laude with a 3.7 GPA, and distinction in the major (Economics) - that is like honors in Economics.  I finished my degree requirements in 3.5 years- therefore saving my parents the cost of an extra semester, but i did give up that last term to take fun classes and hang out with friends.  I secured a job at a Wall street Investment banking firm as an anaylst in the 2 year  Investment Banking program after being a summer analyst so my last term as a senior was pretty stress free. 

However, life took an unexpected path.  I got married right after graduation and had a baby the next year. We've moved around a lot following my husband's career and now I have 5 children.  I basically have been a full time stay at home mom since 1999, but worked as a financial consultant for about a year back in 2004 before we moved to another state for my husband's job.  I have not "worked" for the past 3 years due to baby#4 having a heart defect and baby #5's arrival.  I have mastered the extremely challenging task of running a busy household with 5 children and now feel that it is time for me to pursue my dream.  My family is behind me.  We live in the upper mid west, but if i have a chance at HYS we would pick up and go.  I know I would have to score fairly high on LSAT which i will take in October, but does anyone know how Yale Law (or another T14 would view my grades, and non-trad path?  How I (and almost everyone else) would love to go to Yale Law and return to that beautiful library I used to study at as an undergrad.   

Do I have a chance??? How do I find out the average GPA of yale undergrads accepted at Yale Law or other schools as i know that grading standards are different and i've heard that there has been some grade inflation the past 10 years

Thank you

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