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Does having a LOR from an alumnus of the University you're apply to (but not the law school) give you any sort of an edge?  I'm applying to joint M.Div/JD programs and one of my recs has his m.div/phd from one of the schools (Chicago) and my other rec has her PhD from the history program at the other school Im applying to (Emory). I will probably get another letter of rec from one of my coworkers who is a graduate of Emory's theological school.  Is that going to help or is just an interesting side note?

Law School Admissions / JD/M.Div Program chances with Low College GPA
« on: July 19, 2008, 08:23:53 AM »
I am a year out of college, have been working constantly since August after my graduation (couldn't work until then because I was extremely ill). By the time I apply to Law school (fall of 2010 most likely) I will have worked at my current job 2.5 years. I spent the first 6 or so months working a temporary job with a congressman.

I work at a Christian organization that does advocacy (ie. lobbying) to end domestic and international hunger. Personally, I work in grassroots advocacy going to speak at church groups and organizing members to take legislative action. I want to continue to do faith based advocacy work after I graduate which is why I want to do the M.Div/JD program. 

The only programs I've found with it are Chicago, Vanderbuilt, Louisville, Wake Forest, Emory and Pepperdine.  I am leaning towards Emory because I like their theological school better.  One of my recs graduated from Chicago's divinity school and one graduated from Emory with a Ph.D (not that i think that matters but maybe it does!).

My GRE scores are fine and I'm not worried about Divinity School admissions (i have to get into both) but I am concerned about getting into Law school.  I am going to take a diagnostic test today to see where I'm at, but since i have at least a year to study I'm not too worried. My college GPA was a 2.987 at a mostly unheard of school.  This is mainly due to two reason, one I had severe depression one semester my sophomore year and the second is I started out a biology major, but turns out I suck at science.

After that long ramble, is there any chance my work expierence will help me?  Should I work longer before returning to school?  Any tips?

Thanks so much!

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