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I have updated the list of acceptances and rejections for the top 25 schools to include last years data (2007-2008) for this years cycle.  Hopefully this can be of some help to you.  Remember, this is all LSN data, so take it with a grain of salt.

1. Yale-                  Accepted: 12/20/04, 12/19/05, Last Year: 12/06/07     Rejected: 12/28/04, 2/4/06,  Last Year: 01/09/08
2. Harvard-               Accepted: 11/23/04, 11/25/05, Last Year: 11/21/07*    Rejected: 01/12/05, 1/12/06, Last Year: 01/04/08
3. Stanford-              Accepted: 11/23/04, 11/21/05, Last Year: 12/20/07     Rejected: 01/15/05, 1/12/06, Last Year: 01/28/08
4. Columbia-              Accepted: 12/01/04, 12/12/05, Last Year: 11/28/07     Rejected: 12/10/04, 12/14/05,Last Year: 12/08/07
5. NYU-                   Accepted: 12/01/04, 12/14/05, Last Year: 12/03/07     Rejected: 12/3/04,  12/14/05,Last Year: 12/12/07
6. Chicago-               Accepted: 12/17/04, 12/21/05, Last Year: 12/19/07     Rejected: 12/20/04, 1/3/05,  Last Year: 12/29/07
7. Penn-                  Accepted: 12/05/04, 12/15/05, Last Year: 12/14/07     Rejected: 12/2/04,  12/10/05,Last Year: 12/31/07
8. Michigan-              Accepted: 11/16/04, 11/22/05, Last Year: 11/06/07     Rejected: 12/15/04, 1/13/06, Last Year: 01/04/08
9. Virginia-              Accepted: 12/13/04, 12/1/05,  Last Year: 11/28/07     Rejected: 12/15/04, 12/12/05,Last Year: 12/03/07
10. Berkeley-             Accepted: 12/01/04, 11/02/05, Last Year: 11/15/07     Rejected: 01/24/05, 2/3/06,  Last Year: 01/05/08
11. Duke-                 Accepted: 11/30/04, 12/10/05, Last Year: 09/19/07     Rejected: 12/30/04, 3/21/06, Last Year: 01/08/08
12. Cornell-              Accepted: 12/09/04, 12/2/05,  Last Year: 12/11/07     Rejected: 12/15/04, 12/16/05,Last Year: 12/14/07
13. Northwestern-         Accepted: 11/15/04, 12/22/05, Last Year: 12/11/07     Rejected: 12/12/04, 12/29/05,Last Year: 12/18/07
14. Georgetown-           Accepted: 11/01/04, 11/01/05, Last Year: 10/15/07     Rejected: 11/20/04, 12/8/05, Last Year: 12/05/07
15. Vandy-                Accepted: 12/06/04, 12/12/05, Last Year: 11/10/07     Rejected: 12/08/04, 12/12/05,Last Year: 12/15/07
16. UCLA-                 Accepted: 12/15/04, 12/20/05, Last Year: 11/07/07     Rejected: 3/7/05,   2/10/06, Last Year: 12/15/07
16. UTexas-               Accepted: 11/10/04, 11/05/05, Last Year: 11/01/07     Rejected: 11/23/04, 12/05/05,Last Year: 11/15/07
18. USC-                  Accepted: 11/20/04, 12/15/05, Last Year: 12/17/07     Rejected: 01/25/05, 1/26/06, Last Year: 02/05/08
19. WUSL-                 Accepted: 11/23/04, 11/23/05, Last Year: 11/15/07     Rejected: 01/10/05, 3/20/06, Last Year: 04/02/08
20. GWU-                  Accepted: 12/10/04, 12/7/05,  Last Year: 12/18/07     Rejected: 12/08/04, 12/6/05, Last Year: 01/30/08
21. Boston U-             Accepted: 12/20/04, 12/21/05, Last Year: 01/22/08     Rejected: 01/25/05, 1/31/06, Last Year: 02/19/08
22. Minnesota-            Accepted: 12/02/04, 12/13/05, Last Year: 11/02/07     Rejected: 12/03/04, 12/16/05,Last Year: 12/20/07
22. Emory-                Accepted: 12/17/04, 01/10/06, Last Year: 12/13/07     Rejected: 02/23/05, 02/20/06,Last Year: 02/15/08
22. Notre Dame-           Accepted: 12/01/04, 12/23/05, Last Year: 11/16/07     Rejected: 12/09/04, 12/27/05,Last Year: 12/10/07
25. W & L-                Accepted: 12/01/04, 12/19/05, Last Year: 12/03/07     Rejected: 03/06/05, 03/1/06, Last Year:04/01/08

*- I put this next to Harvard because one person is reporting an acceptance on 10/21/07, not 11/21/07, however I believe this to be incorrect because a.) there were A LOT of people reporting acceptances on 11/21/07, but none were reporting any acceptances earlier than that except this one, and b.) the 10/21/07 acceptance has a "complete" date for Harvard as being 10/31/07, which leads me to believe it was just an oversight and he/she meant to put 11/21/07.

Interesting Notes
-Stanford seems to accept people a lot later in the cycle than most other schools.  Also, their acceptances are all over the place.
-Columbia only accepts a few in late November/December, the majority of their acceptances start at the end of January onwards. 
-NYU accepts most (I would say upwards of atleast 85%) of their applicants in December and January.  Not as many rejections, it seems, from NYU as compared to the schools around it.
-Chicago sends most of its acceptances in January/February.
-USC rejections are sent out significantly later than everyone else's.
-All of WUSL rejections came in the month of April.
-Most acceptances to W&L seemed to be during December/January.
-All but one rejection to W&L was in April, the one not in April was on 05/09/08.
-Most rejections to GWU came in February and April.
-Seems like Boston just lets the applications sit there until the spring semester.

Some schools ask for it- like Regent.  As long as your reverend can speak to qualities that would make you a good law student, I say it's fine.  But, if all they can say is that you've been great with church stuff, it might not be the strongest LOR.  If you've organized fundraisers, Christmas pageants, etc. things for the church that have been huge successes, and your reverend saw the work you put in and can speak to this then I think you should go for it.  Otherwise...I'd stick to academic or professional LORs.  Unless, of course, you're applying to Regent.

I'm not applying to Regent.  I served on a committee for a few years for the church and have done a lot of stuff for them and organized a lot of stuff.  I was thinking he would be a good LOR for religious schools like matta mentioned.  I will have 4 LOR, one from a well known lawyer, one from my undergrad professor and advicsor, one from my boos at work, and one from my Reverend.  I guess just depending on the school I will always send the academic one and then for the other one if it's a religious school I'm leaning towards the one from the Reverend, the one from a lawyer (he is well known in Texas) I will send only to Texas schools, and all the rest of the schools I'll send the work letter.

Just a quick question.

I will be getting a LOR from a professor at my University (I've had 4 classes with her and she's my advisor).  However, I have done a lot of church leadership activities since I was in high school, and thought about getting a LOR from my Reverend.  Do you think schools would frown upon that because it's religious?

Law School Admissions / Re: Packets for Recommenders
« on: July 15, 2008, 12:05:52 PM »
I'm in kind of the same boat as you, because I'm just now starting to think about who I should get as my recommenders.  I would think providing them with your resume, reason for law school, etc... would be helpful.  As for the pages written for recommenders, I would probably phone or email them in advance and ask them if they would find it helpful to see this.

Some questions that need to be answered before you can get any sure advice are, when did you take the LSAT (all 3 times)?  What's your UGPA, and how long ago did you graduate?

Also, what makes you convinced that you will do better this time around?  Have you taken any diagnostic tests?  If so, what were the scores?  Did you take any diagnostic tests before the first 3 times... and how were the scores?

Also, what schools did you apply to and when?  Were you waitlisted anywhere?

I would recommend taking a prep course, they're kind of expensive but the amount you increase on the LSAT (which translates to money from the University) is worth it!  But, one very, very important thing with the prep course.  When you go you have to do ALL the work!  Too many people skip classes, don't do the homework, and don't ask questions when confused.  These things are necessary for getting a big score increase, because a prep class can help you tremendously... but they can't do the work for you.  I would suggest taking a prep class (I don't know when they start in your area or how long they run for), then taking the February or June LSAT... then applying in a year for the Fall 2010 cycle (granted, only if you have atleast a 20 point increase on your LSAT).  The reason behind this is, people who are huge splitters (I am one as well, but the opposite splitter from you) are always risky for law schools to take and it can really go either way.  The number one way to increase your chance to get into law school being a splitter (or really anybody) is by applying very early in the cycle (basically apply EA to all schools you can that are non binding, and apply to all schools by Nov. 1).  By taking the December LSAT, then having to wait for the scores to come out, is just not a wise thing to do in the least.  It's too late in the cycle.  Why are you not considering the October LSAT... that will be early enough for you to get your applications in EA and by Nov. 1.  Is it because the time period between LSAT's is still in effect during October?


Studying for the LSAT / Re: SAT vs. LSAT
« on: July 10, 2008, 07:44:23 AM »
How much did you study for the SAT:  I took a prep course and probably went through about 15 hours of studying on my own time.  Not too much.

Verbal: 630
Math: 670
Total: 1300

How much did you study for the LSAT: A lot.  My initial diagnostic practice test I got a 165.  I then did about 7 or 8 practice tests and went through the sections for the tests, particurally RC as that was my weak area, over and over again. 
LSAT: 174

Just my two cents.  I feel the LSAT is a lot more learnable than the SAT as a whole.  Maybe because I've been doing logic games for fun since I was a kid.

Law School Admissions / Transfer Undergrad Credits, Included in UGPA?
« on: July 08, 2008, 07:41:24 AM »
This is probably a stupid question, but here goes.  I took 2 classes at a community college one summer (back home during the summer), and transferred them to my current University.  On my transcript the classes are included, but the grades are not configured into my GPA.  Will they be configured into my GPA by LSAC?

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Low GPA, High LSAT
« on: July 07, 2008, 08:40:10 PM »
Thank you for the boost in confidence!  I'm just worried the numbers may not play out as well for me as they show, since I'm such a big splitter. 

I do have dreams of U of Texas, even though I know it's basically impossible.  For what it's worth, my undergrad is from U of Texas.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Low GPA, High LSAT
« on: July 07, 2008, 07:53:56 PM »
Well I do have some updated information.  Grades just came in for summer 1., and I'm currently in summer 2.  Based on summer 1. (and how I think I'll do summer 2.), my GPA will be approx. 2.2-2.25.  Obviously still bad, but will it make a big difference from a 2.1?

Also, my last 40 hours have been a 3.4.

Will this make any difference at all do you think?


Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Low GPA, High LSAT
« on: July 05, 2008, 10:22:24 AM »
I will be casting a wide net, the two schools I'm interested in are Denver and Utah, but I'll be applying all around.

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