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Is anything worth it?

I find so many people asking whether or not it is worth it to go to law school. Well, I would tell you that if you are insecure at a law school that is not considered by USNews to be "top" whatever, then you should probably not go. In fact, law school is probably NOT for you.

But, the truth of the matter is that law school IS law school and a law degree IS a law degree. Practically all first year legal education is the same whether you're at Yale or Thomas Cooley. Of course, it is obvious who would get the job straight out of law school. But that is simply because BIGLAW is one of the most snobbish fields that you can enter (and it does not change). BUT, you can pretty much do ANYTHING with a law degree not matter where you graduate from. A college classmate of mine graduate from a tier 2 law school and is not working in foreign service. Another friend of mine went to a unranked law school and got a six figure salary right out of the gate. The opportunuities are a endless (and you certainly don't have to spend the rest of your life in a courtroom either if you don't want to).

So, if you're unsure, then ask yourself: am I secure enough to depend on my own skills and knowledge to get me forward in life OR am I that insecure that I must depend solely on the name of the law school I attend to get me forward?

Whatever the case: one's happiness is the key to life.

Current Law Students / Re: Sample Contracts Exam
« on: December 02, 2008, 06:13:39 PM »
Essentially you can argue either side:

To argue that K exists and is enforceable: then look to Section 87 of the Restatement. There might be an option contract because of the written and signed letter. If it merely purports consideration in exchange for whatever, then the consideration does not even have to exist (although it is not helpful that this it states past consideration - but you could argue that this is also a "future action" has he is able to bring about publicity for L).

To argue against the existence of K, which is probably the stronger argument, there was no detrimental reliance whatsoever to the offer = therefore no bargain and no K. In other words, the guy did not rely on the pension as a means to retire since he would have had to retire due to his injuries anyway. He is giving up nothing! So, I would have to disagree with the above arguments because promissory estoppel (detrimental reliance) will be defeated.

Your welcome.


To begin, I am not even the least bit of a proponent for USNews rankings in general. But to broaden the scope by including part-time programs in the rankings would be a huge disservice to law school hopefuls and the mere notion of such a change makes me livid.

While the main concern of USNews is to SELL MORE and MORE copies of its publication (although it is already a monopoly when it comes to rankings), most people/institutions have been negatively affected by the rankings. After all there is only ten top ten stops on any rankings list. But the fact that the #1 on the USNews has always been the same school makes many question the validity of the methodology.

This is the reason why the part-time programs should defintely be out the influence of USNews. Firstly, part-time programs are the last remaining hope for those who do not possess the "HARD" factors (i.e. high LSATs and high GPAs) that the USNews rankings are based on. By broadening the scope, this would completely eliminate any, of the already scarce, attention that goes to an individual's "SOFT" factors such as academic achievement, extracurriculars, graduate work and work experience. Secondly, those who work to be able to afford law school will not be able to go now because of the "efficiency effect" that this change will create. In other words, law schools with much rather increase their full-time class sizes while decreasing or entirely doing away with their part-time programs.

I really do not understand those who complain that law schools use part-time programs as means to increase their full-time numbers. WOW, are these people really insinuating that law schools have their own interest in mind at all time??? OF COURSE, THEY DO! And guess what caused this effect in the first place....yes, that's right, the USNews rankings. I remember that before the dawn of USNews rankings, law schools were actually a pleasant place to be and cut-throat competition was much more rare.

But, those at USNews can really pat themselves on the back because they created a MONSTER that they can no longer control. No changes to the methodology will reverse the already deleterious effect that these rankings have had on students, law schools and the reputation of the legal profession. Great job USNews and keep up the good work (cough cough)!!!


"A concerned educator"

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