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Here is the thing... I was accepted at both schools with partial scholarships turn out to be pretty much the same in tuition. As you may know, both schools are pretty comparable in general terms, but there are a couple of differences in my case:

I am currently in South Florida. In Cincinnati I have a sibling that is a 3L  at the University of Cincinnati, who could be like a mentor for me; however, I am not too convinced about living in Cincinnati. Actually, I am interested in a getting a job in the DC/Northern Virginia/Maryland region after graduation.

In Philadelphia, I do not have any family or know anyone, but I like the big city vibe it has(except the issue of crime) and it is in the north east! Temple admitts about 1,000 students per year (U Cincinnati admits less than half of that).

Would you take advantage of the mentoring and family comfort and go to UCinncinati? I was considering doing that for the first year and then transferring, but that can be tricky, right? Or do you consider that the "mentoring" will not make too much of a difference academically. Also, I am concerned  that the first year of law school together with moving to a big city like Philly will be too overwhelming (I am a big baby apparently ;). Please share your experiences on that.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

I need to decide ASAP where to go!! Please help... ??? I am 26 and I am currently living in Florida.I have been accepted at Temple Law (Philly) and UCincinnati. Both schools have offered partial scholarships and the tuitions turn out to be almost the same. I have a family member that currently lives in Cincinnati and is about to start the 3rd year of law at UCincinnati, which means I could save on books and the living expense tends to be cheaper in Cincinnati. In Philly I don't have any family or anything, but it seems like more like a big city, which I like...Plus I am originally from South America so I would like to live in a diverse place.Is Philly diverse??

My ultimate goal is to practice in the north east, Washington D.C. I am told that Ucinci is a regional school (Ohio) and Temple is more of a local school (Philly) so in both cases in order to get a job in the D.C. area I would need to be top of my class, which is not easy.

Any comments or insights would be much appreciated.Thanks :)

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