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Texas Wesleyan / Re: Anyone else decided on Texas Wesleyan?
« on: June 21, 2008, 12:16:44 PM »
Hi everyone, I will be attending Texas Wesleyan in the fall full time and just moved to Ft. Worth.  I moved into a place downtown and think this city is amazing. I will be attending the event on Saturday the 27th so hopefully I will meet some of you there.  I have been wait listed at SMU but I think I am going to remove myself from the list.  After visiting the school I fell in love with the atmosphere and the friendly staff.  SMU is way more expensive and TxWes is offering me a small scholarship so after weighing out everything I think Wesleyan is the place for me.  I'm also in the facebook group for class of 2011.  If anyone wants to chat feel free to email me at  I just finished reading "How to Succeed in Law School" by Gary Munneke and am waiting on "Getting to Maybe" to arrive from amazon.  I know that it is recommended to just relax the summer before but since I didn't have a pre-law major I feel that I need to catch up on my vocabulary, etc. 

To those of you commuting from Denton, I just graduated from UNT this past May and will always miss that great town.

Good luck to all of you!!


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