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Law School Admissions / Failed College Class: Doomed for LS?
« on: June 15, 2008, 01:04:42 AM »
I failed a Calc class at a top 10 private university first semester freshman year. I just graduated a month ago and plan to work for 2-3 years before hopefully going to a top-14 LS. Though there were definitely legitimate reasons why I failed (extraordinary family problems and the class is one of the most failed at my school), it was mostly because I was a cocky, naive freshman who cared more about partying than math class i.e. not going to class or doing hw. I have a definite upward swing and especially busted my ass junior and senior year (3.7 senior year with deans list both semesters) to finish with a 3.09 overall gpa.

My question is does an F in calc freshmen year automatically disqualify me from top-14 even though I'll have great WE, awesome recs, an upward GPA swing, and URM status? I'd also appreciate an explanation instead of a simple yes or no answer. Thanks guys

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