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No guarantees in this economic climate, but plenty of UofC students go to DC every year. Certain prestigious DC firms recruit at Chicago but not Duke or Virginia; in addition, there's no pre-screening at Chicago OCI (there is at Virginia and I assume at Duke), so you'll be able to interview with most every DC firm that comes to campus.

Wherever you go, get good grades. DC firms are very grade-conscious.

Am FURIOUS about being waitlisted for Con Law III. I already read the first assignment, dammit.

Furious? This happens every quarter to some class, where it is over-subscribed and something else is already in the bigger classrooms. Just show up the first day. Chances are enough people drop it so that you can get in.

Nothing else is in the auditorium, they just don't want to move it. I'm 35 on the waitlist so I have no prayer of getting in. It dovetails nicely with another class I'm taking this quarter (the equal protection bit applies to both), and I can't take it with Stone in the spring because it conflicts with a clinic prereq. If this happens every quarter, why don't they cap the classes? First come, first serve instead of a last-minute lottery. At least then we would know what books to buy.

Yeah, I'm annoyed. Stupid system. And we should take con law as 1Ls, which would certainly tamp down the demand for subject matter-specific classes. I really don't see why we don't. Even E. Posner doesn't think 1Ls should be taking international law, and he taught the damn elective.

Am FURIOUS about being waitlisted for Con Law III. I already read the first assignment, dammit.

This is a guess, but I think only about 10-15% of people have offers at this point. People at median or below had two callbacks max, and several people had none.

In Chicago, these stats are even worse--some people well above median had two or three callbacks, and I get the feeling that the same clump of students is going to collect all the offers. Whether that means firms will go to a second round or not, one can only hope.

Transferring to Yale doesn't automatically guarantee you more success at OCI, despite what some people in this thread seem to believe.  We have an individual who transferred to Yale.  I recently spoke to him.  He didn't do very well at their OCI. 

Well, that makes sense. The main reason you'd transfer to Yale after getting stellar grades at Chicago is because you want to go into academia. Recruiters aren't stupid. But it doesn't matter that much; said individual can get a fancy clerkship and leverage that into a nicer firm job if he so chooses.

I had heard that Mortara was unreasonably hard...? Any thoughts on the differences between him and Strauss? I liked both Masur and Gersen, so I'm ambivalent as between them.

Gonna d-dub this, just FYI.

Gersen! All the cool kids will be in Gersen, and I think it's a better fit with two con laws, if you're still doing that. Take fed jur with Mortara next year.

Cab from OHare to HP - how much?

It was some time ago, but I think I paid $60 with tip.  I *think*.

Last week I paid 60 with tip to O'Hare and 66 with tip back to HP. (!) There was so much traffic on the way back (rush hour) that I wish I'd taken the blue line downtown and cabbed it from there.

I'm totes bussing it back from Midway this week. Luxurious Southwest Airlines.

Hey All...I will be an incoming 1L living at Regents in about a week. Do you guys know if the lake shore drive bike path goes all the way down to 61st street? And if it does, does anyone who lives at Regents ride their bike to class (I really abhor the whole idea of constantly needing to "catch the bus" to get home or to class)? Also, is it crazy to think I can ride my bike the 7 miles from Regents, up the shore, to union station  (I will be needing to visit my gf at U of I at least a few times during football season lol)?

Thanks, and I look forward to meeting you all!

As a fellow bike rider I can answer this. Like Anon said, it's very easy to ride down to the LS from Regents in good weather (or bad if you're brave) on the surface streets. You can definitely ride on the path down to 57th st if you'd like (it goes further but you need to cross under LSD at 57th) and then over to the LS. And yes, you can ride up to Union Station or take a bus up there for a couple of bucks. There are tons of bikers in HP so you'll be in good company; my best tip is to learn which streets are not so heavily traveled and ride those. I do this and have thus far avoided any problems with cars/people etc...

You can definitely ride your bike from Regents; I live near there and rode in through most of fall quarter and all of spring quarter. Regular streets in Hyde Park are fine. But I actually recommend more heavily trafficked streets--they're often better maintained (Chicago=potholes), and cars on busier streets go slower and are used to looking out for cyclists. Just don't get doored.

And you should do the South Side Bike Tour ( early October-ish. It's really fun, and one of the stops is right near Union Station.

Yeah, if the plan is to delay the course schedule until after OCI, that's misguided. Gives you something to talk about in interviews. OCI seems OK thus far. Reverse peepholes are funny.

(And oh man, E-Pos and Ben-Shahar for contracts?)

incoming 1L here - anyone want to elaborate on how bad this is?  survival tips?

They exaggerate. You might like it. Lots of people do.

It's more the ideological one-two punch that Hipcat was speaking of, I'm guessing. It's a heavily law&econ combo, and Ks is weird enough as is. I think it's great that that Omri is first quarter. It's better for the 1Ls to have a non-Socratic type early, before they all learn to shut up and speak only when spoken to. My only survival tip for Omri is to read and try to understand the Restatement and UCC provisions when they're assigned.

L&E - better to have two L&E heavy profs than one IMO. You've got to learn the stuff if you're going to do well at this school so you might as well get indoctrinated early on.

I suppose I agree, but it's easier to learn common law contracts doctrines when the professor isn't routinely disparaging them.

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