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People terribly concerned with their marketability are misappropriating responsibility.  Your law school, ranked by the cronies of American media and using the most bogus "calculations," is not responsibility for the social ineptitude of job candidate graduating from its institution.  But, alas, it's far easier to point the blame at extrinsic factors like law school reputation or "ranking" than it is to be honest with oneself. 

Case in point, case in point, case in point.

Transferring / Re: TJSL v. USD
« on: September 24, 2009, 12:35:32 AM »
Can you sell yourself in a job interview.

If YES, stay at TJ.  If NO, buy your alumni contacts at USD.

How people cannot see through the transparent money-making venture that is the Newsweek law school rankings is BEYOND me.  Aren't we supposed to be skilled at higher reasoning?  Ever heard of medical school rankings?  Why not? 

WE ALL TAKE THE SAME LICENSING TEST!  I bang my head thinking of the idiots who live and die on this website trying to figure out an artificial ranking system.  FOOLS!  I hope the publishers at Newsweek make loads of money off the idiots who buy their crap, and have a good laugh while they're at it.  Anyone who is duped by such stupidity is the author of their own demise.

Now, if you're a socially inept moron who cannot sell himself in an interview, perhaps securing your future by way of school reputation isn't such a bad idea.  For the rest of us socially well adjusted folks who can nail every interview we have, we'll be laughing when we see you in court.  Too bad your school jacket won't be allowed in the room.  Boo hoo!

I am completely nervous about applying to law school... I live in Ohio so I have limited choices on where I can go. My GPA is not the best; I messed up my 2nd year and it ruined my GPA (and ever since being on the Dean's List barely raised it). And I got in the low 150's on my LSAT. So given this, I pretty much should decide between Dayton and Capital. But I know both are ranked very low. I wanted so much to go to Case Western, but my 2nd year ruined that chance. Any advice on what I should do, or any other schools that I should consider (and that I have a chance of getting into)? Also, does applying for early decision help your chances? Someone told me that applying to Case as an early decision may increase my chances... And I am retaking my LSAT in Sep.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: still on waitlist!
« on: July 28, 2008, 07:02:45 PM »
aghh!  my patience is vanishing!

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: still on waitlist!
« on: July 21, 2008, 02:26:09 PM »
"Need Help!" -->  Any word from the postman?  Are you waiting on TJSL?  I'm killing myself over my status.  I applied late (five mopnths late), so I'm feeling similar pain.  Let me know what happens/happened.

Hi Steve:

Thanks for doing this Q&A.  Did you apply to other SD law schools, or just California Western?  What do you, your peers, and your faculty, think of TJSL?


JD2B:  Thanks for the info.  I guess I'm being super bratty in expecting a response having only submitted my stuff via LSDAS on April 30.  Which school do you feel most at peace with?  Did you have an initial reaction?  I always use the fatalist outlook when making decisions, ie. "if I could spend one last day XYZing, where would it be."  If your answer is CalWest, then go.  If not, go where it is.  Remember, it is you, and not anyone else on the board, who will be affected by your choice.  Look for that comfort factor and GO!

To everyone:  how long should I be waiting until I hear back from a school?  Is 23 days unreasonable!? 

I was looking at all three San Diego schools, and initially ranked them:  USD, CALWEST, TJSL.  Most research seems to go that way.  It's kind of potatoe-potatoe. 
Out of interest, when did you get accepted to the schools, and when did you apply?  I recently submitted to SD schools and am getting axious.

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