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Widener U School of Law / Re: How was Widener TAP 2009?
« on: March 01, 2010, 09:38:52 AM »
I made a mistake. There is the TAP program, and there is the ITAP program. The two are very different.
In error, I responded as if you were asking about the ITAP program, when you clearly said TAP.

Widener U School of Law / Re: How was Widener TAP 2009?
« on: February 06, 2010, 01:19:51 PM »
I took Widener ITAP in 2009. It was a lot of hard work. You need to be very prepared each day. You are given all of the details for a criminal case and the same for a civil case. The "teachers" are lawyers and judges from around the Nation. You are given a task to complete over night. The task is something like prepare a cross-examination for one of the people in the details. Every person will be put on the spot, in front of your group of 10-14 people in the class. Every aspect of a trial is covered: opening statements, direct examination, cross examination, closing statements and everything else like introducing evidence, experts, etc. The final is a trial, performed in front of one of the lawyers and a jury of at least a couple of people from a local nursing home.

While going through it, I thought it was hard. After, I realized it was one of the best and most informative classes I took in law school. I use everything I learned, in my internship with a prosecutor's office. the experience was invaluable and I totally recommend it.

Good luck

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