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Thanks guys, it's appreciated!

Law School Admissions / Re: What would you do? Expunge or ignore?
« on: June 25, 2008, 09:28:11 PM »
I'm fine with explaining both situations.  It might not be mature of me but I think they are both pretty funny stories.  Especially the car thief from Myrtle Beach I met waiting on the Magistrate over my two checks to a delivery restaurant.  I also got to watch Cops w/a busload of newly transferred prisoners.  Almost worth court costs...

The sign, well, I didn't steal it... there were 5 of us and 1 female dog ran off drunk.  She was stomping loudly and got us pulled over by a cop...on a horse.  Lots of funny exchanges were said but mainly it was me running my mouth to the cop.  That's why I got the ticket...

All of the above were dismissed.  The first ones when I paid the total cost of the checks (like less than $20 bucks together) and court costs for the restaurant to take out the warrants.  The second one was dismissed in court... $400 lawyer fee.  Ridiculous money eh?  Almost makes me want to go into criminal for that reason.  He met with me once for 10 minutes, I gave him $400, we were in court 15 minutes...boom goes the dynamite, done.

Thanks guys.  I might have it expunged and still do the addendum.  It can't hurt just in case.

Law School Admissions / What would you do? Expunge or ignore?
« on: June 21, 2008, 02:28:43 AM »
In my state, it costs money to have records expunged.  So, I've never bothered to do it.  It has never prevented me from obtaining employment or education.

I was charged w/ Fraudulent Checks in 1999 in South Carolina (2 checks, totaling less than $20) and in North Carolina, a 2004 Misdemeanor Larceny (a street sign worth $75).  Both sets of charges were dismissed but both still show on criminal background checks as "charges; dismissed."

Is this worth paying to be expunged?  I don't want them to count against me now or in the future.  Will I have enough time to get the records clear before I apply in the late Fall?

Thanks in advance.

To the people interested in patent law:  I have a friend in the US Patent Office and he says that they are constantly trying to get him to go to law school and the govt picks up the full tab.  So, combined with the advisement of others that you don't even need your JD to become a patent attorney.  I'd get on @ the office first and then, have them pick up the bill for your JD.

Best of  luck!

Thank you.  There are 5 law schools in my state that are apparently all very well respected.  Several great ones close by as well.  As I learn more, I might decide the Top 10 school isn't best fit for me anyway.

It's just hard to retrain my brain into this whole Tiered system.  I'm used to picking a school based on the research opportunities.

Thanks again.  Be well.

Thanks, this was helpful to me as well.  Just saw this posting and it's similar to what I just put above...

I'm only 3 months into the idea of becoming a lawyer.  I suppose I never considered it before b/c I had a pretty severe misconception of what lawyers actually did until I began work in my current field (mental health clinician). 

I have a graduate degree already with a high GPA.  However, my UGA is only 2.97.  My practice LSAT's are in the 170's and I plan on studying from now until the next test.  I've used the UGA/LSAT guesstimator to see where I stand and it's scary.

Since I'm new to the field, I'm not set on a Tier or a career post-grad in a large firm.  I actually plan to work in a rural part of the country in public service.  Still, the program that interests me the most in my region with the most opportunities, clinics, etc is a Top 10 school.  Ugh.

I figure it's pretty much gone.  Should I apply anyway, just in case?  Since I come from a different field that seems a bit more subjective with their admissions criteria, I'm totally uncertain whether these numbers are hard and fast or flexible.

Thanks in advance. I'm 29 so all of my friends have long since completed this process and don't really have any current answers for me.

Oh, also, will they even get a chance to see that I have a graduate degree?  Is there a way to sell myself that plays up my accomplishments in my field/public policy that can overdo the GPA?

Thanks again.

1. where's the search feature so I can see what info is already out there?

2. any other career-change specific groups out there on the internet (i'm coming from mental health, MSW)

3. how can I be sure I even really understand what law school can do for me?  I think I understand what I'm getting into but I also thought I knew with my MSW degree.  Is there somewhere on the internet I can go to basically get an answer to...  I want to do _____________ , will a law degree help me do that or is it not the best choice?

Thanks in advance for your direction!

Be well.

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