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I feel like this ( does a good job of making it seem like you're still watching TV - but it's internet content so no commercials. For some strange reason, I really like the concept of channels and shows, even if it is, ultimately, internet content. I'm enjoying the Headline News Channel and the Investigative Journalism Channel:!&channel=investigativejournalism

Current Law Students / Re: This is where I want to work
« on: March 14, 2008, 10:35:36 AM »
lol.  is that marketed to students or clients?

I had the same question myself!  I think maybe both?  I think it's just supposed to show us what kind of attorneys they are - more about branding than about advertising services or what it's like to work there.  I applied there and also sent kudos on their video - got back a form letter this morning that informs me that most of the people in the video actually work for Hanson Bridgett!  Brilliant.  Apparently you _do_ need zydeco skills to hang with them.

Current Law Students / This is where I want to work
« on: March 13, 2008, 11:50:35 AM »
I was looking at all the law firms in the SF Bay Area trying to figure out what sort of qualities I would look for in a firm and found this: - crazy music video for Hanson Bridgett.  I'm not sure if you have to actually play the accordion to work there, but I love the quirkyness of the video. 

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