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Looks like Madonna has smarter advisors/pr people!

Don't forget that Madonna herself is a helluva lot smarter than Spears! The newest additions to the tarot deck? Here it is:

It's loosely based on the High Priestess card in the regular tarot, which in turn is loosely based on the "Mother of God" myth appearing in Christianity as the Virgin Mary. Since Madonna essentially based her career riffing off this archetype, it seems only natural. People claim that the word "virgin" in antiquity did not necessarily mean that someone never had sex. It meant instead that a woman was "without" man, which could also mean that she was an independent property owner. Some such women in classical cultures were also sacred prostitutes... or so the story goes. They acted as incarnations of the goddess. A parallel tradition exists still today in some sects of Hinduism with the devadasis. Plus there is that whole psychological trend in the modern culture called the "Virgin/Whore complex" which Madonna played to a tee.

In her lap is Britney Spears, whom if you recall Madonna kissed on the mouth at that awards show some years back, and who used many of the media-sex-virgin-whore tactics Madonna pioneered to build her own career. Britney's shirt says "Cult Member" which is a shirt Madonna "ironically" wore outside her Kabbalah center to gain media attention. The Madonna of the trademark pointy boobs and headset era is chosen. Her headset connects to the boombox at her feet -- since creative sound/energy is the basis of her strength. At the base of her throne are the words "Kabbalistic" which is from a patented t-shirt line she has. And the title of Britney's song "I'm a slave 4 u." Behind her is the "Kabbalistic" Tree of Life. The wording is in Japanese, since her effort to popularize the Kabbalah is trying to be exotic just for the sake of being hip. Enclosing her from the right and left sides are two pillars which are loosely based on the ones from the High Priestess card. In that card, the "B" and "J" stand for Boaz and Jachin, which were the names of the two pillars of Solomon's Temple (these are also important to Masonic tradition). In our updated terminology though, "B" and "J" should be read together as "BJ" standing for "Blow Job." Also, the BJ pillars (phalluses?) enclose the black area behind her into a classic coffin shape. The idea being the link between sex and death. In this case also, The Tree of Life behind her is also literally the matrix from which new life springs.


wow, pretty interesting thread!

Your handle is also pretty interesting, EMC!

U of Texas - Austin / Re: Employment after graduation
« on: November 03, 2007, 10:07:20 AM »
I'm a legal assistant for the Center for Science in the Public Interest. It's based in DC, but I work with the Director of Litigation in Dallas. You might have seen us in recent news about KFC (we're sueing them), 7 UP Natural (we want to sue them), and Frito-Lay/Olestra (we just recently got them to put additional labelling about their chips containing olestra).

I guess the reasons I love it are not law-related at all....but I love the variety of research that I get to do - from the effects of advertising on children to HFCS and trans fat. I also like the feeling that the work I am doing is making big corporations like Kelloggs and Cadbury Schweppes change their evil big business ways to improve their products or at least helping consumers make informed decisions about what they are buying/eating.

I'm not sure how big of a salary my boss has but CSPI is a multi-million dollar non-profit so he can't be doing that bad.

No doubt they're realizing big profits -- the non-profit status is chosen for tax purposes only. 

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