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[...] It was said of Plato that he "never touched a woman," and the same is probably true of Pascal, Kant, Kierkegaard, Mill, Carlyle, Thoreau and Nietzsche. [...]

This simply tells me they were all fagz.

Nietzsche was not a fag. It was actually Wagner who, after Nietzsche and Wagner split, conducted a relentless and vindictive campaign against Nietzsche on the grounds that he was homosexual. Unless you think Niezsche should have been gay just because he wrote "The Gay Science" (it's "Die Froeliche Wissenschaft" in German btw :) you'd have to take into account the fact that when Nietzsche first met Richard Wagner in 1869, the magisterial composer was more than twice the age of the fledgling philologist. Wagner had also just been banished from the royal court of Bavaria for his adulterous affair with Cosima von Bülow. Although the friendship between the two men began rather well, it would famously degenerate into a bitter intellectual and emotional feud. The thing is that Wagner was a manipulative jerk and that Nietzsche and Cosima, who both suffered miserably in youth, were psychologically vulnerable to Wagner's seductive but emotionally abusive behavior. He would "advise," for example, in a letter to an homosexual friend to "try to cut down a little, on the pederasty"...

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