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Rutgers - Newark / Re: Newark Neighborhoods
« on: May 26, 2007, 11:37:24 PM »
I go to Rutgers-Newark.  If you want to live in Newark (which I did 1L year), check out Society Hill.  The condos/townhouses (not sure exactly what to call them!) are pretty reasonably priced.  I shared w/ 4 others and paid about $700/month.  It's also close enough to school to walk, security drives around 24 hrs a day and each townhouse has designated parking spots.  I've also heard good things about the Ironbound district -- its a vibrant, multi-culture neighborhood (there's large Latino/Portuguese population...)  A lot of Rutgers Law students don't live in Newark...but this is in large part due to the fact that a lot of students commute from their hometowns in NJ.  Also, (for you Rutgers bound folks...)the Rutgers dorms might seem tempting b/c they're close to the law school, but everyone I know who has lived or currently lives there hates everything about it (other than the fact that its close.)

Hoboken is a popular place to live for Rutgers Law students, but it's wicked expensive.  JC is a bit more reasonably priced, but like the other poster said, there are places to avoid.   I live in Montclair, and I love it.  I pay about the same as I did in Newark, but there is more of a community -- lots of shops/restaurants etc. The only real negative aspect is the traffic.  It's a 10 min drive with no traffic, but if I leave 5 mins late, it could take me an hour to get to school.  Also, parking at Rutgers is horrendous.  The parking decks are always filled up by the undergrads by 10AM and looking for on-street parking is an exercise in futility.  If you do live in Hoboken or JC, public transportation is fantastic (the PATH).  Actually, public transportation is pretty extensive for most of the surrounding areas. 

And finally, although I am obviously biased, if you're trying to decide btwn Rutgers and Seton Hall, keep in mind there is a huge difference in tuition.  This is especially important if you 1) are not independently wealthy and plan on taking out loans and 2) if you want to practice any type of law other than at a law firm where you will make huge amts of cash and will be able to make substantial loan payments.  ;)

Good luck!

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