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Online Law Schools / Stop Hiding behind your ABA school...
« on: February 14, 2007, 06:25:17 AM »
I just wanted to write something here because I think it is absolutely ridiculous for ABA students to critize DL students. For one, we ALL take the bar exam. Just because you attend Harvard or Yale doesn't mean you will pass the bar OR even be a good attorney. I am glad California is the first state to recognize DL because it will soon be mainstream. ABA schools are very expensive because of how much it costs the school to get approval. Again....nothing to do with the teaching what if you have a bigger library! I would also like to inform everyone that MANY individuals, including Abraham Lincoln, learned law on there own. This is NOT medical can be done through self-study. One can argue that you need moot court....No, you simply go to your local court house and ask to observe. You inform them that you are a law student and that you would like to sit in. They are very helpful. Besides, law school teaches you NOTHING about actually practicing the law....why the hell do you think larger, more civilized states like California and New York have law office study programs???? Because they KNOW that going to an ABA school is NOT required....Get Real. I cant stand these people who hide behind the ABA accredidation....deep down inside they hate the fact that DL students will graduate with zero debt while they are down 120k without a job. Please...I have an MBA, CPA and a BA. Doing law school online has allowed me to continue working in my current profession while pursuing my ultimate dream. By the way, the California Bar Exam is the HARDEST in the United States...actually the BABY BAR is harder than some states actual bar exam. SO if you think DL students are retard or unable to make it in an ABA school than why are we PASSING THE HARDEST BAR IN THE U.S.???????? My advice is to stop being jealous and congratulate those who made a better choice by choosing a DL school. Get a life....and to those who are current DL students...Keep up the hard work.

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