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Current Law Students / Re: Racism Hurts
« on: September 29, 2006, 06:55:18 PM »

Just yesterday, I was very happy with my life. Great job, great family, great friends, house ... But then something happened last night which completely changed my world. I was at a bar in West Hollywood where I got into a verbal argument with a blonde lady (she started it, I'm serious -- instead of saying 'excuse me', she just pushed me out of her way!). Now you know, two people at a bar, you know, tipsy, so an argument or two, not a big deal.

But what was different about this situation was that one of the involved parties (me) had dark skin. Just as I was about to walk away from the scene, the lady whispered this in my ear: "Why don't you go back to your county? We don't need you here!" This was such a big reality slap on my face that I was in absolute shock for about 10 minutes. I can do the best in law school, get a job at a great law firm, drive a fancy car ... but in the end, some lady at a bar, who most likely hasn't even set foot in college, can make a racist comment and completely destroy my confidence.

Well, to make the long story short, I, after a long time, faced such open racism and it has definitely affected the image I hold of myself. All I can say to this lady is, watch out! I'm an attorney and have so much to lose. But sooner or later, you are going to make a similar comment to a guy who is at your level (i.e. has nothing to lose) and he will not walk away from the scene. I guarantee it!

Sweet Revenge--> On a happier note, I ran into this lady after the bar closed. She was getting into her, oh lets just say, "crap" mobile. I, along with my friend, laughed out lound and yelled, "hey, you may not need me, but you definitely need a new car." LOL.

I would guess you're behaving like a lawyer with a sense of entitlement behaves ... you know, nobody likes arrogant people who think they can do whatever they want just because they drive a fancy car ... or because they happen to be lawyers, for that matter ... the blond lady simply could not swallow down that the person in front of her behaving like that was someone with dark skin; she could have probably kept her mouth shut had you been white, but she just could not understand how someone like you, who according to conventional wisdom is supposed to feel inferior, could act the way you were acting. So I agree with the previous poster, both of you were being discriminatory and divisive.

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