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Current Law Students / Re: Adderall-Law school finals/studying
« on: August 09, 2006, 02:20:55 AM »
Pink pills are 20 mg., blue pills 10. 20 mg. is enough to keep you sharp and awake for about 8-10 hours. On the street, Adderall used to be sold illegally for $1-$5 a pill (for a 20-30mg capsule). Now, street price has gone up, $ 4-10 for 20 mg. Slang names are: "ralls", "bennies", "amps", "addies", "jollies", and in some regions of the U.S., "railguns". The 5mg and 10mg doses are also known in the northwest as "BBs", which is short for "Blueberries", named for their blue color. Heavier users tend to use the term "GBs", short for "goofballs", referring to the "goofed up" feeling from taking in excess of 100mg in a night.

You can read quickly, work intensely, think rapidly. Your heart beats fast and your legs tingle. You run steps. You get ideas and dive into them passionately, productively and powerfully. Eating and sleeping become unnecessary. Your mind is acute, your body charged. You're awake and working until you fall asleep, satisfied and relieved. It makes you feel like Superman, giving you the power and self-control you always wished you had. Unlike speed or cocaine, however, you can still function normally.

The real worry is dependence, though. Some ppl say that after they've been using Adderall really frequently, they cannot concentrate without it. It is not something to use every day. I've heard of ppl doing 80 mg. before going out to clubs. Or using it every night. Or even multiple times a day. A typical, careful student takes Adderall about once every 10 days to pull all-nighters.

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