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1. Law school engenders greed and intellectual myopia.
2. Law school breaks people. It is experienced as a trauma, an assault. If law school changes people, it is rarely for the better.
3. Law leads to self-loathing, mental illness and substance abuse.
4. Law uses fear and shame as a motivating force.
5. With the help of the bar exam, the law school graduate is nothing but a licensed fraud.
6. Law is crowded and full of despair.

This may sound elitist, but 4th tier private law schools generally put many of their graduates in despairing situations where they cannot pass the bar or get a job or both, but they are still saddled with loads of debt from paying 25k+ per year in tuition.,2385.msg28310.html#msg28310

Good job, supposedly. Here it is another one,,3243.msg23671.html#msg23671

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