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I give a *&^%.  I've been out for 3 years.  Had NO relationships at school with any profs, and my company has a policy against recommendations.  SO, I am down to the bottom of the barrel.  On the plus side my old supervisor (whos manager position I now hold) left the company so I'm trying to get one from him.  My lab partner in College is gonna give me one, which is cool 'cause I was a great lab partner.  And my sister who's a JD is gonna write one as well, in case one of the other two falls through.  here's hoping

My advice for Thalky:

I would forgo the offer from the lab partner; at best he was a peer, and not a "superior" or instructor/professor.  I would contact your department at the university; contact the chair and maybe one of your more favorite professors that you did well in his/her class (or even a professor in your minor field if you had one).  These people, I have found, will be very helpful, especially as the success of their students reflects well on their department and on the university as a whole (plus more money to the alumni office eventually, possibly, as greater income will be made from greater edu).   

One of my professors spent 4+ hours with me combined working on the LOR, and it was a fantastic one.  If they can provide a lot of detail, and avoid sweeping generalties - providing a lot of concrete examples, etc., this will be best.  And the thing is, I had been out of school for 4+ years, and still made contact with some past profs in my depart...

So the process I would follow (sorry for rambling), request a copy of your transcript, write down everything that you would like in your LOR, and provide a fact sheet/resume of what you have been doing since graduating, even including activities you were involved in while in college, and any accomplishments.  This will be a good starting point for the prof; the prof will see the As that you earned in the dept from the transcript, and will have specific examples to use in the LOR...I would try to get both LORs from professors, because they are in more of a position to evaluate your academic potential than maybe your sister-in-law with a JD...

So even though you never developed any relationships with these people, I bet they are willing to help.  Oh, and lastly, it is best for a personal meeting if you can, rather than just communicating via phone/email.  I was tempted to follow this route, but it is best to meet in person with these people, as a courtesy...

Just my two cents...Best of luck!

Law School Admissions / Re: Summer 1 L - need advice, maybe...
« on: June 10, 2004, 06:26:07 PM »
Actually, maybe :)... One of the things that drew me to Willamette, the international law program and the study-abroad program.  Another reason I was seriously considering Indiana University, as they have a strong program and study-abroad program in Beijing; I was accepted, but decided I didn't want to live in Indiana...

But, I would like to go to Beijing through the IU program, or Shanghai through Willamette's program...

Let's make joint plans for the summer of 2005, ok :P  Our lives will be inexplicably intertwined; we can't deny destiny! J/K :P
But Shanghai would be a wonderful experience, even if I don't end up focusing on "International Law."

Law School Admissions / Summer 1 L - need advice, maybe...
« on: June 09, 2004, 05:22:31 PM »
OK, I posted this message in another section of this board and it received no response as of yet.  So I'll post it here, now.

I'm interested in doing a study abroad program during the summer of 1 L, learning (maybe) about the Chinese legal system, and earning credit for law school.

By doing this, will this impede any possible summer employment during the 2 L Summer (as I will not have any legal work experience from 1 L Summer), and maybe, even indirectly, affect some of my opportunities after I graduate in a negative way?

Second, and I know this is a question for my law school, but do you think it is OK to go for a study abroad program through another law school, and have credits transferred...I know my school will have to accept any arrangements prior to making them...has anyone had any experience or know anything about this...

Any input re: these two questions is greatly appreciated!!

Law School Admissions / What's become of Zp0ps?????
« on: June 05, 2004, 02:28:13 PM »

Where is Zp0ps??????????!!

Law School Admissions / Housing & Fin Aid
« on: June 05, 2004, 02:15:58 PM »
I have a strange question...
If on FAFSA, you indicated your preference for
off-campus housing, and then you receive a fin aid award letter through your law school, but decide on
on-campus you need to change your FAFSA, contact your university, or any other actions?  I understand, depending on the school, on-campus and off-campus housing may be more or less expensive, and this may be factored in your fin aid package...

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Law School Admissions / Re: Scholarship money at a 4T
« on: May 31, 2004, 03:21:44 PM »
I will be going to the Univ of Oregon; but it was nice to see that a school would offer me that much money...

I have no interest in going to Golden Gate, nor living in San Fran...

Law School Admissions / Scholarship money at a 4T
« on: May 31, 2004, 03:18:22 PM »
Well, I had applied to Golden Gate University, and they
were EXTREMELY slow in processing my application.  About 2-3 weeks ago, I sent in a letter withdrawing my application.

This past Friday, to my surprise, I was accepted to Golden Gate U and received a $48,000.00 scholarship...

This is tempting...hmmmmm...but tuition alone is 11K per year above where I will be going to law school, and I'm going to a 2T...

But 48K is nice...oh well...

Anyone deciding on going to a less than favorable, even bottom rung school, as a result of a nice financial package? 

General Off-Topic Board / Re: I have a crush on Boxergirl....
« on: May 28, 2004, 05:23:06 PM »
Oh wait, Marista might have high moral and religious values?  Maybe between you and tahoetahoe...??

General Off-Topic Board / Re: I have a crush on Boxergirl....
« on: May 28, 2004, 05:21:26 PM »
hard to get eh; I like challenges.  We should start a new poll, maybe between you and marista...then there will be a lot of attention directed your way... ;)

I voted for oh my, is she hot!! :D

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