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Current Law Students / Re: Law Schools To Avoid At All Costs!
« on: May 22, 2006, 07:07:02 AM »
I consistently test in the 95th percentile on the IQ test, but that only translated into me landing in the top 95th percentile of a 4th tier law school (did you see what I did there? That was a joke). So, there's gotta be something else going on with me...

Anyway, what I really feel is anger toward myself (I'll get to that) but especially toward the school. After being shown the door I had nothing but time to do a bit of research and came to realize that my fourth-tier law school had a bit of a ponsi scheme going on .. What I suspect is that lower tier schools accept people who don't necessarily demonstrate true aptitude for legal study, nor passage of the bar, in the interest of generating revenue. That revenue is then used toward rank-improving initiatives, such as a new coat of paint, the odd computer, rat-traps or a halfway decent booze-cruise.

These lower tier schools actually set their curves lower than the upper tiers meaning that while a 2.5 may be a C+ at Michigan, a 2.5 is a D+ at Lionel Hutz School of Law. Since Law School is a sum-zero game it is inevitable that, say, 10-20% of the 1L's at a fourth tier school will fall below a certain line and receive a waive good-bye from the dean while he lights a cigar with your money. See, once they have your money they are then concerned with your ability to pass the bar, which is also used in assessing the school's ranking. An academic review committee gets together and makes a simple, cold business decision as to whether or not you are worth their kid's braces. From all I've read and heard, the practice is nowhere near as common in the upper tiers. Once you're there, you're there.

I can't @ # ! * i n g believe I didn't figure this out before it was too late because I've always had an aptitude for that sort of reasoning (I'm applying to business school now, by the way). Everyone told me to not even bother applying if I got below a 160 on the LSAT, and moreover not to let that particular 4th tier law school fleece me the way they did. But of course, every prospective JD candidate has an ego the size of the Atlantic and is not so easily dissuaded by, y'know, reason. What an arrogant little SOB I was.

I'm also angry at myself because, at 28 I've just learned that I'm ADD and Dyslexic. Had I taken the odd pill here or there half of my problems would likely have been ameliorated. The other half of my problems is caused by the fact that I'm a tremendous a-hole, but Merk has yet to develop medication for that ...

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