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I will go to Tulane next year. It's so exciting to me!  I have never been to America before. I have so nice opportunity to spend 2 years in New Orleans. I hope this experince will be helpful to my future  professional development in my country. I choose Tulane becauce my ex-colleague recommended it to me. She also got a JD degree from Amercia.
But I also worry about my oral English and listening. It's not easy to catch the meaning of native speakers in the beginning.  I have attended a English-training course in my coutry, which costs me a big money.  Maybe it is a little bit useful, maybe not. Whatever, I'm coming. I hope everything will go smoothly.

It seems that the attorneys all around the world are in the same boat, long timework, heavy pressure and deep depression.
Is there no way to improve such situation? Why we cannot allege our right, such as how long we should work?

 Historically, this kind of momentum towards increasingly concentrated power, nationalism, and unaccountability has been irreversible.  Unfortunatly, there is little we can do but hope for a regime change before history continues its perfect record.
You are right, especially to such a county like mine that has a long history of concentrated power. Our people, compare to 100 years ago, have gained more right and liberty in economic and politic aspects. But there is still a long way for us to live like American and realize the rule of law.

Oh I know where the original poster is coming from... stuff like judges assaulting attorneys and viceversa are quite common in countries like mine for example.

But like it was said... there's no way around it, he should face battery charges for taking a fist the other guy. In my country such judge would also face suspention from the Supreme Court, I dont know if such thing applies in the jurisdiction where the offense took place.

Perhaps we came from the same country, if you knew the matter.
Itís a hot topic in my country at present. Iíll try my best to recount the whole thing.
The fact is not clear whether the judge hit the lawyer or not. It happened in the hall of the courthouse, where the camera has not been set.
According to the lawyer, the judge denied him when he and his clients required registering a case. And the judge refused to explain why he did so. The lawyer thought itís illegal. Then he argued with the judge who became very angry and hit him.
The judge insisted that he had never hit the lawyer. There is no evidence except for the witness. But the witnesses from two sides are conflict. So Due Process is critical. At first, the court that the judge served investigated and drew a conclusion that the lawyer told a lie. The lawyer and the media, because of the relationship between the court and the judge, didnít accept the conclusion. They think the process is unfair.
Today the local government set a special committee to survey this case. You may feel surprise, but our government has stronger power than US government. It plays a so important role that it almost can do everything it wants, including good things and bad things. I also wonder if the government can find the truth.
Whatever, itís a funny thing; I will told you the result.

Why are you giving him advice about starting 1L year in the United States?  I just assumed he already went to school in another country.

And the judge would get hauled into jail, just like any other person that hits someone.  No "review board".  Procedurally, since the judge is gone and facing battery charges against a party in the proceeding, there would obviously have to be a new trial.   

You are so kind,thank you!

are you in law school in the states?  i'm writing this because your post has a "english as a second language" quality.  i'm not trying to offend you, honestly.  it's just that some of your grammar errors are quite jarring.  if you have not started 1L as of yet, you might want to pick up a copy of strunk's "the element of style."  this will help, alot. 

oh, i never heard of a judge actually hitting a lawyer.  but, i suppose there is some sort of judicial review board to which one could make a complaint.

Thank you a lot.Sure,I'm a law school student in another country.I come this board because i'm interested in the legal system of USA.The English is my second language,but I am working hard on it.
I want to know more about America,thank you for your help.

Current Law Students / If a judge hit a attorney ,how to deal with it?
« on: April 20, 2006, 02:06:32 AM »
I wonder if how to deal with it when a judge hit a lawyer in it the work of Senate?and what is the process?thanks in advance.
Perhaps you have never heard of such matter in America,but in other country,it actually happened.

Current Law Students / Re: Abortion
« on: April 17, 2006, 05:46:29 AM »
That pictures are so horrible and bloody,why post them on this board?Do you think you
cann't express yourself well except these bloody pictures? >:(

Current Law Students / Re: Can't Choose Between Two Boyfriends!
« on: April 16, 2006, 04:57:08 AM »
If you donn't like you current boyfriend,you can tell him the truth and leave .But i think it's not a good way to cheat him.sometimes it make things worse,and maybe hurt everyone in the love.Honesty is vital in the first place.

Current Law Students / Re: practicing law as a non-U.S. citizen
« on: April 15, 2006, 08:15:40 PM »
  this is a bit of a general enquiry, but hopefully someone can help:
  as an international student (from England), it is possible for me to go to law school in America on a J1 (student) Visa. However, for this visa you are supposed to to say that you intend to return to your home country after completing your studies.
  for any non-U.S.citizen hoping to work (in any job) in America, it is very difficult to gain a visa that will let you work. Essentially, your employer is supposed to be able to prove that they are employing you because they cannot find a suitable American to do the job.
   ... my goal is to go to law school in America, and then live in America the rest of my life, working as a lawyer.
   I have yet to research it properly, but it would seem to me that even if I went to a good law school in America, and then passed the bar, it would be very hard to find employment because of the visa issue.
   ... does anyone have any thoughts, or know of any international students who have gone on to practice law in America?
   thanks in advance.

what make you decide to work in USA? Is it not good enough living in England?
I 'm also a intenational student who want to study law  in America,but i think i will return to my country after my graduation. Because there are my family,friends and my lover.I cann't imagine the lonely life in a foreign country.That's my own opinions.

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