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Sorry, I just saw the bottom of your post where you asked for additional pros.  I would say you hit on the major ones.  I would probably add that William Mitchell's use of adjuncts is probably a pro for a lot of upper levels.  I have heard the quality of people they bring in is very high, and it goes along well with their practical skills approach.  Additionally this provides some good networking in that your profs for certain classes are established members of the Twin Cities legal community.  One other con is that they only have one law journal, which surprises me really.  Also keep in mind when you say that St. Thomas has good employment rates, the question is where are they employed?  I know they claim a slightly higher bar passage rating than Mitchell right now, but the school still needs to prove itself.  Saint Thomas seems to be attracting similar firms to OCI's to an extent, but  more are likely to hire Mitchell grads.  Even the Saint Thomas career service office website seems to be more public service oriented, and this might be in part due to that is what is easiest for STU grads to get.  Perhaps the heaps of money they have will help them go tier 3 like all the speculators are saying, but this will be some time from now.  I really think if Mitchell curbs enrollment a bit they should bounce back to tier 3 where they have historically been. WM seems to be the safer bet, even if Saint Thomas is the shinier building.

I am considering Mitchell too.  I don't think the majority of Mitchell's faculty is adjunct.  They have around 35 full time profs.  Yes, they do use adjuncts for certain upper level classes, but the quality of these people is quite high.   I am not sure I would classify their facilities as older, their recent renovation makes them quite nice I thought.  Certainly it is not as brand shiny new as St. Thomas, but when I think of old and dingy facilities, I think Hamline, not William Mitchell.  I am curious to here more about the fact there are not many happy students there.  I didn't necessarily get that vibe, though it did seem fairly driven and stressed out in a standard law school way.  I am sure compared to St. Thomas it is more stressful since there are more full tuition payinf students, it has a higher private sector bent, and does not have the coddling mid term system that STU has.  St. Thomas's stock is certainly on the rise, but it hasn't yet proven itself.  I think it first needs to overtake Hamline before it can try to overtake William Mitchell.  How well is St Thomas law school integrated with their other programs?  Those connections will be crucial in the lack of an alumni base. 

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