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Thanks for the replies! 

I'm not sure if UVA is the only public school I'd really like to go to, but I probably have the best chance of transferring to VA and staying with my company.

W&M as a backup is also a great idea.  I don't really know much about the school, but I'm going to look into it now. 

Hi everyone,

I would appreciate some opinions on whether I should retake the LSAT.
Score: 166
GPA: 3.8

I'm taking 2-3 years off right now to work in a well-known consulting firm.  UVA is my #1 school right now.  I'm considering trying to get transfered to the Virginia office next year so that I can establish residency before I apply.  I also worked in a law firm last summer with a partner who went to Virginia.  He has offered to write me a recommendation letter.  I graduated from a well known honors program at a public, top 50 school.

Any opinions on whether I should retake, move or both would be welcome.  How much will a combined score of 168-169 and Virginia residency really help me? 


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