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Houston / School Closed
« on: September 23, 2005, 04:43:40 PM »
So, school is officially closed thru Sunday. When do you think it will re-open. What's everyone doing with regards to homework. I spent 2 days evacuating and then today sleeping after being up for 2 straight days. Last thing I want to do is homework. So what's the plan? When do we go back to school and about how much homework do you think they're expecting us to do during the wake of the hurricane and evacuation?

Houston / Re: Got My 1L Schedule!
« on: August 11, 2005, 06:54:18 PM »
You guys make me feel like such a slacker...Something's funky with my computer and I can't log on right now to get the assignments.  :P  Where are they anyway?

Section B doesn't have assignments yet. No worries.

Houston / Re: Got My 1L Schedule!
« on: August 08, 2005, 03:19:59 PM »
General info:

I went to HPD for fingerprinting today.  You go to the 10th floor of the building located on the corner of Dallas & Travis.  Be sure to bring cash.  The fee is $10, and they ONLY accept cash.

I also went to campus, got my pic taken for the Cougar 1 card, purchased MS Office, and bought books.  The bookswap only had Section A's book for Civ Pro; however, they were all VERY USED (i.e., lots of highlighting and pen marks).  I did not purchase any text books, but I did get the Civ Pro E&E study guide for $10.  I then went to the bookstore in trailers behind the law center. They have very few used books, and they're only $10-$20 cheaper than the new ones.  They only have new books for LARC- a total of five books priced at 55.50, 31.30, 28.00, 28.95, and 52.00.  They do not have Crump's books for Civ Pro nor do they have Zamora's book for K's; however, they said they would have them by the end of the week.  They had Torts, I bought the new $89.  So, I still need 3 books (2 for CP and 1 for K), and my total including a black's law dictionary was $414.85.

Man, it's been an expensive day!


Thanks for the info on the fingerprinting. I'm going to try to take care of that this week. Would you mind sending he fingerprint info to our email group? I know some folks aren't on LSD anymore. . .

All y'all, the evite for my O-Week BBQ party has been sent out. Check your email and let me know if you didn't get yours.

Houston / Re: Got My 1L Schedule!
« on: August 03, 2005, 10:55:37 PM »
I freaked out today and bought supplements online. Now I have the E&Es, CaseNotes, and Emanuels for every subject. With all of the used (but in good condition) books Amazon had, it only cost me about $100. We'll see if they get used. . . . I'm definitely panicking and having nightmares at this point.

Anyone else terrifed of the two writing tests? I'm a writer by profession (and I say so frequently), I'm afraid that I'm going to flub and get sent to the remedial writing tutor. Even worse than the required tutoring is the embarassment that I'll have to endure after tooting my own horn.  :-[

Finally, Section B is the party section. I've already received several email invitations for happy hours and get-togethers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And I thought I would be the only enabler AKA unofficial social chair. BTW I'm still having my BBQ during orientation.

Houston / Re: Got My 1L Schedule!
« on: August 02, 2005, 07:13:16 PM »
I think I am going to start next week and get them then. I went to the Law Center Book Store today, and did not find any books in stock yet, however.

Go to the Rothers Bookstore. All of our books are in stock there.

Section B doesn't have the assignment posted yet. . . :(

Houston / Got My 1L Schedule!
« on: July 31, 2005, 09:30:56 PM »
I'm in Section B with Mixon and Ragazzo. Anyone else?

EDIT: Beassie for LARC, Ragazzo for Civ Pro, Mixon for Contracts, and Sanders for Torts.

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