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In 1965, my father was sued for breech of promise in NJ.  He was engaged to this lady in Jersey and married my mother in Oklahoma when he got stationed there.  So it does exist.  I don't know all the details, but I know he was sued.

This is related to old state laws that were designed to protect property; namely a woman's honor and virginity.  As many women lived with and had sexual relations with their fiance's, the only way to recover a woman's reputation following a broken engagement was to sue.  Either the man would return and honor the contract or the engagement would be ruled as void thus reestablishing the woman's honor.

I don't believe a person can be sued for breaking an engagement but they can be sued, depending on the state, for other verbal agreements made during the relationship involving money and property.  Say a bride runs out on the day of the wedding and the groom wants to recover money lost as a result of the cancelled vendors and materials.

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