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With regard to entering the political field, I have a story.  I have a friend with an econ. degree who is running for political office.  She had no initial interest in local politics until she met some politicians during a happy hour.  Several months later, I am helping her run her first campaign and she is having lunches with the governor.

I have another friend with a poli.sci degree and interested in pursuing a public administration degree.  He is desperately hoping to run for office but simply doesn't have the connections with the right people or perhaps the charisma of friend #1.  Meanwhile, he works behind the scenes and is unhappy.

I think if you want to be involved in politics, network! network! network!  And although I am not a 1L yet, I believe it is the same in law school when it comes to getting a job.


I have a similar dilemma.  I am planning to attend CUNY this Fall and I know that I want to do government/PI work so I will be struggling financially.  Eventhough CUNY tuition is low, I will still have to take out at least 20k a year to cover tuition and living expenses.  I will be nearly 90K in debt from undergrad, grad, and law school so this will be a huge risk.  I also am unhappy with my current profession and am so excited about CUNY despite its rankings yet I am still scared.  I justify my decision knowing that upon the completion of law school, I can begin a more fulfilling career.  I just fear that I will be unable to do public interest law in NYC with that much debt.

I could also wait a year and try to substantially increase my LSAT in hopes of obtaining scholarship at a better ranked school, but I feel CUNy is a great fit for me professionally and personally.

Good luck with your decision and know that you are not alone in this stressful process!   

City U of New York / Re: Albany vs CUNY I can't decide!
« on: June 08, 2005, 01:19:03 PM »
I also applied to Albany and CUNY.  I was offered the AAMPLE (discretionary admission) at Albany so that made my decision a lot easier!

Have you visited both campuses?  Have you determined the cost of attendance for each school including the cost of housing?

Albany has a great reputation throughout New York and it is New York's first law school whereas CUNY is just over 20 years old but very progressive.

Touch choice..

Best of luck!!

City U of New York / CUNY Fall 2005
« on: April 19, 2005, 08:33:44 AM »
I have just been accepted to CUNY for Fall 2005...and extremely excited and about 95% sure that I will be attending there this Fall. ;D

I am hoping to hear from some other students planning to attend.

Let's keep this board active!!


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