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Job Search / Re: patent attorney
« on: February 01, 2005, 10:12:17 AM »
I know what you mean; I hope to stay home and work.  I do know one patent agent who has her own independent operation because of her children (a few companies filter their overflow work to her), and I think she generally works from home, but has an office as well.  She worked for big law firm (Fish) and a small boutique for about 6 years before she started up her own thing, so she was already trained in the area.

I have 970 Lexis, and 1300 Westlaw.  I just found out about points. I was only into my studies last semester.  I at least log on every day now to get research points, and I've been playing the trivia games and quizzes.  I have 3.5 more years, so I actually am thinking of saving up.  They may put something really good on there eventually, like tuition reimbursement checks, but I'm eyeing those Coach bags (got a bit of a weakness for them).

Get a REAL CPA to do it.  Services only cost about $200 and if you get a good one, they will track down further deductions for you.  Wasn't it Bush who said that all the rich people were getting accountants to save taxes, so what's the point of taxing them anyways?  Well, pretend you're a rich person!  I will be this tax season!

You're lucky if they fill out that e-form correctly at H&R.  My CPA will be re-doing my H&R returns from the past 2 years.

Current Law Students / Re: CALI
« on: February 01, 2005, 08:18:11 AM »
Alot of the multiple choice hypos on my Torts exam were nearly straight from the hypos on Cali.  A lot of the lessons are based on the restatements, and deal with the "classics" so you can't really go wrong with these as a place to start.

Current Law Students / Re: LEEWS
« on: February 01, 2005, 08:11:29 AM »
I just got my 1st semester grades back, and I am satisfied with my performance.  I used the LEEWS method for my Contracts exam (only essay exam I had) and I made a B+!!!  This is good for me, considering I only spent 1 day studying for the exam, memorized the elements of a contract and the elements of different remedies, and went in there with my LEEWS-style "toolkit" in my head (it was closed book) and my creativity.  I made no Cs, so I won't get my money back! I believe this method is a sound way to organize your essays.  Now "Getting to Maybe" tells you WHAT TO SAY, how to analyze, how to weigh in on different sides of an argument in a lawyerly way.  You can't improve your analysis skills based on the LEEWS method (even though he talks about it and gives examples), but I really do believe you have to start with organizing your knowledge of Black-letter law in the way he describes.

I have a "performance improvement plan" which includes on-going LEEWS-style toolkit building (not only the day before) that sets my goal at 1/2 grade better in every class.  I still have 3 semesters to hit that 3.5 (I'm at a 3.2 right now) so that I can make it into law review.  Wish me luck!

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