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Title: What is diversity in the context of an AddComms Brain
Post by: $Bill on September 17, 2007, 12:12:23 PM
Several schools I'm applying to suggest an optional diversity statement.  Problem is I'm Irish Italian living thirty minutes south of Boston... diversity there is something thats taught to classes of white kids. 
Alternately, my town is VERY agrarian blue collar, and noone from my class got above a 1250 on their (old) sats, and we had 0 Ivy League acceptances.  Furthermore I have 52 first cousins, and only about 10 or so have college degrees, while none have professional degrees at all.  Is this diversity, or will they say whining white boy.  Honestly Im also asking this because leaving out sections of my application seems lazy, and I dont want to be smeared as such.