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Title: me out again.
Post by: Happy_Weasel on July 17, 2006, 10:52:47 PM
Ok, I think I have an idea of what to do.

I think I will search for a university office staff job that pays over 25K or a paralegal position (not a lot, but if Jess brings in 15K b4 BS and 25K after- thats 40-50 K, which is lower middle class for exurbia- I can live more than basic, but not quite comfortable and still be able to afford the LSAT tutoring) while waiting to start law school. If I don't get a job, I will go to Law school, if I do, I will wait a year or two and wait to re-take the LSAT test to get into a REAL school i.e. a school you don't have to scrap to get a REAL law job (though my definition is relitively big small law or medium law within 100 miles of the school). So I have three questions:

Realistic LSAT re-take score- I barely managed the upper 150s after an autumn and winter of practice with 20 old tests in 3 books. I practiced maybe 5 hours a week. However, I do have some attention issues, and my psychiatrist dragged his feet on producing test accomodations, so I went without. Also, I heard there are great tutoring or class oppurtunites that I would be willing to pay several thousand dollars for. I saw that a about a third of those with my score broke 160 and that the standard deviation for retakers with my score was 161. Is 162 realistic? What about 165? The schools I am hopeful to apply to are based on the scores of 162/3.3.

Also, I haven't studied the LSAT since Febuary 2005. Would a few months of intensive studying get me ready for the score I want if it is doable? (I plan to start in September and take in December and apply during christmas). If not, should I wait another year?

Finally, here is a list of schools I have come up with-

Boulder- low T1, my dream school.

Denver- this year's reach. rejected my ass, I hope I can get my revenge next year. High T2.
Both Colorado schools seem in reach with modest LSAT improvement and family lives near by.

Seattle- low T2, but its in a great area and probably was already doable.

San Diego- High T2, in a great area

Case Western- Low T1/High T2- school in an exciting area for me with family

Temple- High T2- far away, but it seems to be a nice school.

Wake Forest- Higher T1, OK area, but I have family in the area. Don't know if I would want to stay though, I figure Wake Forest could carry me into the DC-Baltimore area.

Florida- higher T1, good area, would take some convincing to go back to Florida, though. I would like to stay there though.

American- Low T1, good area near family.

U Conn- Not near family, a low T1, but in a very family oriented place in the encompiopolis that is the east coast, America's Courasaunt if you will.

The question is, is this a good list at 162/3.3?

Though, my goal still is to go to law school in a few weeks, I really want your input on this detour if good tidings come my way.

Title: Re: me out again.
Post by: Happy_Weasel on July 18, 2006, 07:06:14 AM
bump. I could use SOME help. No job offers yet, but I still have a month.
Title: Re: me out again.
Post by: Happy_Weasel on July 18, 2006, 01:53:45 PM
bump. Any comments besides "kill self" or to that affect could help out.
Title: Re: me out again.
Post by: fuwaf on July 18, 2006, 01:54:35 PM
ok I'll tag, don't have time to write something now but I meant to earlier.
Title: Re: me out again.
Post by: Happy_Weasel on July 18, 2006, 02:00:41 PM
will you later?
Title: Re: me out again.
Post by: fuwaf on July 18, 2006, 04:22:03 PM
will you later?

yes, I will
Title: Re: me out again.
Post by: fuwaf on July 18, 2006, 04:57:59 PM
Ok, let me see.  First off, on the LSAT, I think upper 150's to low 160's is doable.  I got a 159 but was testing in the 160's the entire time, it's just the nerves of test day.  It may or may not help to take a course, especially if you're already familiar with the material and have your own ways of answering questions.  I found that I had to change the way I approached questions when I took the course and I didn't think some of their methods worked as well as mine.  However, it could be beneficial to get you more narrowed and focused on how to attack questions if you have attention issues.  I've heard that people have gotten good results with private tutors, but it was too expensive for me.

On study time, I think it depends on whether or not you decide to look for outside help in a class or tutor.  I studied on my own from about June to September for the October LSAT but not a lot of my study time was very productive and I didn't really see many improvements in my score.  If you do decide to take a class, I strongly recommend taking the class well in advance of taking the LSAT so you have ample study time afterwards to really apply the methods.  I took my class the month before the test (it literally ended 2 days before) and in retrospect I think that was a stupid idea.  And if you don't feel prepared by the end of your study time, just wait and take it later.  Taking it in February might be better if you feel prepared by then, even if you won't be applying for  a while.  Then you'll have your score and know if you need to try yet again in June.  I wouldn't rush this process.  I know people take the December LSAT all the time and apply, but if there are specific schools you want, and you have a specific score in mind, make sure you're ready for the LSAT and apply earlier next year instead of trying to zoom through and not doing as well as you'd like.

That said, from what I know about the schools you're interested in, they seem like reasonable choices for your potential LSAT score and GPA.  I'm sure you've probably already thought about this, but take into consideration both the costs of attending each school and the costs of living in the area.  I know you're married, so this is probably more important for you than most of us.  I applied to some schools I wouldn't touch now because I just can't fathom spending so much on tuition and/or living costs.  It became a huge consideration for me much later in the game.

And the last thing I'll say is that I am most definitely going to law school in a few weeks, and though I did not end up where I necessarily wanted to be, I'm excited anyway.  So maybe things are going to work out for you, and maybe they'll work out in a couple of years instead. 
Title: Re: me out again.
Post by: cesco on July 18, 2006, 07:24:16 PM
Zardoz - I may have missed something, but what was your original LSAT and what is the school you are considering attending this fall?  Sounds like you are not too excited about your current option - is it because of rank, location or some other factor?

Title: Re: me out again.
Post by: Happy_Weasel on July 18, 2006, 07:37:10 PM
More of rank, location and my personal lack of expirence.  I had a 156 and am attending Wyoming, which puts me in the top 25%tile for that school (if you include my degree GPA). Some large and medium firms recruit from the top 10% and 33% of Wyoming, but I don't want to risk it. It would be nice to have the expirence and the peice of mind that comes with going to a school that lets you get into mid-law with an average GPA and and a good shot at big law if you make the top quarter or third.
Title: Re: me out again.
Post by: cesco on July 18, 2006, 07:56:35 PM
Hmmm...I can see your struggles with the decision. 

I dont doubt you could get a higher LSAT with some extra preperation.  IMO a 3.3 and 160 will give you most of the options you listed - w/the exception maybe of CU, Wake, American.  I would think a 162 would put you in the running for all of them.

It really comes down to waiting a year vs. going now. 

I dont think waiting is a bad thing - just about everyone on this board that has taken some time and worked has viewed it as a very positive experience. It gives you a different perspective on many things, and gives you a resume booster.

You seem to be asking posters their opinion on your ability to increase your score and get into the listed schools. I dont think going from a 156 to a 162 is at all unrealistic if you take a different approach to preperation and work your ass off.
Title: Re: me out again.
Post by: Happy_Weasel on July 19, 2006, 07:00:18 PM
Well, let's see if I get a job. What do you think I should aim for on the LSAT while be realistic? I really want a 165 or 166, but can I  realistically do it? Im looking for mid law, not big law. So, I'm not greedy, but I definately don't want to work a dead end job. I also figure that if I can't get a job, I can transfer. I figure that being within the top 36 or 37%, I could try for Seattle and Denver. Top 20%, Boulder and American as well and top 10%, I will try for GULC and Boalt.

But if I do get 165/166, I want to apply to William & Mary, Washington and Lee, USC, California except for Boalt, Minnesota, Wisconsin and maybe Cornell as a reach. What do you think?

Maybe you can help me. What is the highest realistic score can I get with a 156 to start with and a few thousand dollars of training? What would be a good school for whatever my LSAT is?  What would be considered splitting too far?
Title: Re: me out again.
Post by: Happy_Weasel on July 19, 2006, 08:47:31 PM
...but what do you think?