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Title: LSAT Score Improvement
Post by: Lolobev on October 12, 2017, 01:23:11 AM
Im having difficulty with the LSAT and I thought maybe I could hear stories like mine or advice on how to improve my score. I originally took the LSAT in June and I received a 149. I automatically re-registered for the exam in Sept. I used the Manhattan books and Powerscore, and I was showing great improvement on my PT scores (mid to high 150's). Everytime I took a PT I would use an app for proctoring (didn't  I do the 5 sections though) then I would review types of answers I got wrong, and used YouTube for LGames explanations. When test day came I felt more confident on the exam so I assumed that my studying had paid off. But today I received my results... I DID WORSE. I received a 142. I'm at my wit's end don't know where I went wrong. Someone please help!