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Title: 3.4 UGPA AA Male. What are my chances people???
Post by: eli_1812 on June 05, 2016, 10:23:56 PM
3.4 UGPA from big VA state school (#156, Top 100 Public, not exactly prestigious). Practice testing at about 165 LSAT, though expected to be at or near 170 by test day in 3 months. Parents are African immigrants. VA resident. President and founder of a club at big state school. Numerous other positions held in other activities. A few awards and scholarships. Positive trend in UGPA (Dean's list last 4 semesters).Low UGPA due to being in a STEM major (School of Engineering) first year and a half. Internship at the Supreme Court of Virginia. No substantial work experience other than that. Outstanding LORs.
Not willing to go anywhere at sticker (would make an exception for HYS) due to concerns about debt. What are my chances at each of the t-14s?/what LSAT would I need at each?
UC Berkeley (Boalt)
And which ones are likely to give me scholarship $$$ (worth it to ED at Northwestern?)
Thanks in advance! :)
Title: Re: 3.4 UGPA AA Male. What are my chances people???
Post by: Maintain FL 350 on June 06, 2016, 09:39:46 AM
Honestly, until you have an actual LSAT score everything is pure speculation. The LSAT is such a huge part of the application that it will totally overshadow stuff like LORs, internships, etc. I don't think you can really assume that you'll score 170 even if you're scoring 165 on practice exams.

That said, if you score 170ish, I would think that you'd have a good shot at many T14 schools. Maybe not HYS, but some others for sure. At this point, just focus on the LSAT.