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Title: End Merit Scholarships
Post by: lrt8000 on January 22, 2014, 10:15:02 PM
People complain about affirmative action but what about the merit scholarships the law schools are giving to students with advantages to boost their u.s. new rank.  Students with advantages get these scholarships while people of color pay for them with higher tuition.  I would call this racial exploitation. Law deans who claim to be in favor of social justice are making people of color pay more for law school than students with advantages. They know that people of color come into law school with lower gpas and lsats because of poverty and discrimination but they don't care.  U.S. news rank is what matters not social justice. Then people of color are getting the low paying jobs or no jobs at all. This puts people of color into high debt. This is racial exploitation. These merit scholarships must end.