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Title: Post 9/11 GI Benefits and Law School
Post by: CA Law Dean on April 06, 2013, 10:52:23 AM
I wish more eligible Veterans and their families were aware how valuable the Post 9/11 GI benefits can be for Vets, spouses, and dependents. Just as an example, for applicants (particularly those interested in practicing in California), the Post 9/11 benefits can pay up to 100% of their tuition at one of the California accredited law schools. $17,500 per year if you qualify for the full benefit.

$17,500 may not go very far towards a $50K (per year) typical ABA law school degree, but most of the CBE (State Bar of California "Committee of Bar Examiner" accredited law schools - also known as CALS "California Accredited Law Schools") have annual tuition at, or below, this amount. These schools are approved for Post 9/11 benefits and many, such as Monterey College of Law (located near NPS and DLI), are also Yellow Ribbon schools that pick up the difference if your benefits don't cover the entire annual tuition.

. . . and this is for SPOUSES AND DEPENDENTS as well. Many Vets are being bombarded by unaccredited on-line degree offers, but an accredited CBE law school will be a much better legal education for most, if not all Vets and their families . . . and law schools such as Monterey  are located in Vet-friendly communities with VA resources, etc.

(for more info specifically on Monterey College of Law . . . see discussion post under "M")
Title: Re: Post 9/11 GI Benefits and Law School
Post by: CA Law Dean on April 16, 2013, 11:21:21 AM
We just received the update Post 9/11 GI benefit summary and students starting after August 1 could qualify for up to $19,198.31 per year. This means that even without our Yellow Ribbon status, any veteran, spouse, or dependent that receives eligibility for 100% benefit would get their entire Monterey College of Law tuition, fees, and books paid for under the program. This would be true for other California accredited law schools as well. This is an extraordinary opportunity for veterans and their families . . . particularly if they have the flexibility to relocate.
Title: Re: Post 9/11 GI Benefits and Law School
Post by: CA Law Dean on April 21, 2013, 09:58:20 AM
I just received an important clarification from a veteran on another Board. Note that public law schools (there are 5 in California) all provide 100% tuition for qualified veterans. The cost difference only comes into play with the private California law schools (16 ABA and 18 California accredited) that are limited to the $19,200 cap on annual tuition. It is in this context in California that a veteran, spouse, or dependent might find a California accredited law school a better financial option than taking out loans for the difference between $19,200 and $50K per year at an ABA private law school. Of course significant scholarships at private ABA schools might also make up the difference as well. Just suggesting there might be a broader range of options when the California accredited law schools are considered.