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Title: What are my chances? Hispanic, Female, Military, 22 yrs old
Post by: greengoodness on March 08, 2013, 02:06:48 PM
Hello All.

I am a female and Hispanic minority eager to get into Georgia State University's School of law. The median GPA is a 3.42 and the median LSAT is a 159. I have a GPA of a 3.6 and a LSAT score of 156. I want to get into school this fall, and do not have the option of retaking it. I majored in Health Sciences and am interested in Environmental Law. I also have military experience in the Navy in both active/reserve segments. All in all, I wanted to know if I have a fighting chance because my LSAT score fell short. My file with the school is currently under review. Do you know anyone with a 156 LSAT score admitted into a tier 2 school?