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Title: The Tough Numbers on Law School
Post by: jack24 on February 27, 2013, 11:26:40 AM
Now remember, The average education debt for law grads at private schools last year was nearly $125,000, while the average for grads of public law schools was more than $75,700, according to new figures released by the ABA.


According to the ABA data from 195 law schools:

Full-time, Long-Term Legal Jobs:

These jobs require bar passage or are judicial clerkships and are for at least 35 hours per week and have an expected duration of at least one year.
The national full-time, long-term legal rate is 55.2%.
At 73 law schools (37.1%), less than 50% of graduates had these legal jobs.
30 schools (15.2%) had less than 40%
10 schools (5.1%) had less than a 33%
89 schools (45.2%) exceeded the national rate of 55.2%.
31 schools (15.7%) had more than 67%
19 schools (9.6%) had more than 75%
5 schools (2.5%) had more than 90%


We define a graduate as underemployed when he or she is “Unemployed – Seeking”, pursuing an additional advanced degree, in a non-professional job, or employed in a short-term or part-time job.
The national underemployment rate is 26.4%.
180 schools (91.4%) reported a rate greater than 10%.
144 schools (73.1%) had more than 20%
109 schools (55.3%) had more than 25%
57 schools (28.9%) had more than 33%
20 schools (10.2%) had more than 40%

Large Firms (at least 101 attorneys):
10.7% of graduates were employed at large firms in full-time, long-term positions
Graduates seek these jobs in part because they’re the jobs that tend to pay the highest salaries.
At only 45 schools (22.8%) were more than 10% in these jobs.
20 schools (10.2%) had more than 20%
15 schools (5.6%) had more than 33%
Only 3 schools were over 50% – Columbia, Northwestern, and Penn.