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Title: Urgent, Please Help
Post by: matt690 on April 19, 2012, 09:03:32 AM
Hello everyone,

I currently have 10 hours to make a final decision, and I am having a lot of difficulty.

I will be attending in the fall and making a decision later today.  I had narrowed down my schools to Hofstra Law and Syracuse Law, and I am also now in the back of my mind considering Buffalo Law.

The cost for attending any of the schools is virtually the same.  Buffalo would be in-state tuition plus housing, while Syracuse has given $20,000 in scholarship (2.8 gpa stip), and Hofstra has given $10,000 in guaranteed annual grant funding.

I want to practice in Long Island / NYC and/or in Florida.  I realize all of these schools are ranked just about equally.  I believe they are viewed equally among attorneys and professionals, but I'm curious if everyone feels the same...?  Below are some pros and cons for each school, followed by several questions:

-Haven't really been considering
-Beleive Buffalo has the lowest reputation and is the most regional school (not good for tri-state area jobs or Floriad jobs now or in the future)

-Went to undergrad here, want to be back here
-Really enjoy the campus and being here (feel can be a positive to a very stressful environment)
-Was not very impressed with the program, concerned with a lack of organization and initiative.  Heard about student concerns with the administration and new curve.  Read that 1L students have concerns with the law school, but unsure what these concenrs are.
-Despite the above, leaning towards Syracuse

-I am From Long Island
-Best reputation, especially for long-island and tri-state area
-Easy access to city and long-island law firms for jobs and internships
-Very impressed with alumni and admitted student weekend
-The one deterring factor is that I do not want to spend 3 years in long island at school.  Also did not like the campus.  If I am going to be working hard and stressed in law school, I at least want to be content with my atmopshere, school, and surroundings.

-What should I consider when making these decisions?
-Will Hofstra be much better for getting jobs, espcially in Long Island or NYC?
-Should I be concerned with the doubts I had about Syracuse and the concerns I heard about from students.

Thanks so much for your information and opinions.
Title: Re: Urgent, Please Help
Post by: HolmesBoy on April 22, 2012, 04:31:59 PM
I don't attend any of the schools listed, but as a summer associate, I worked with kids from all three schools.

Why do you think Syracuse has a better reputation than Buffalo? Outside of L.I., I'm not sure how far Hofstra's reputation travels. Nonetheless, if you're interested in Long Island, Hofstra is probably the best choice. You'll almost assuredly have more opportunities to network with L.I. attorneys if you're going to school on Long Island.

According to NALP, Buffalo fielded twice as many employers at OCI than Syracuse, and Hofstra just edged Buffalo with 36 employers.