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Title: 'Alternative' idea for a PS
Post by: NonTradInSATX on January 20, 2011, 09:09:34 AM
I've seen alot of PS that essentially repeat the resume, talk about what you've done and try to convey a little personality, but they usually fall into the "kitchen sink" routine where you tell them everything you've ever done.

I've got an idea for an alternative PS that would involve a 'letter' to my mother talking about life and my path to law school.  Catch is, my mother died when I was 2.  I'm writing it as a sort of look back on life, talking about growing up, my decision to enter the military and why I'm now separating and going to law school.  Throughout it would be just any old letter reminiscing, but the end is where I'd bring up her death and how it's impacted me.  It's not necessarily easy to pull off and the tone/voice/format are tough to put together, but my mother is one of the biggest motivations, so I want to bring that emotion into it. 

So one question, is this a stupid idea?  I know execution is hard and I'm not afraid of working and reworking to make it sound good, but is the idea just inherently stupid?
Title: Re: 'Alternative' idea for a PS
Post by: haus on January 20, 2011, 01:56:18 PM
Tread cautiously, many alternative approaches can quickly take a wrong turn into full blown gimmick land very quickly (in the eyes of the reader).

Respect the intelligence of the reader, more then likely the ones who will read your PS have read every gimmick known to man, they are not people that you want to annoy.
Title: Re: 'Alternative' idea for a PS
Post by: NonTradInSATX on January 25, 2011, 05:59:42 AM
I did manage to finish it and while it wasnt terrible, it is too close to gimmick status to use. 

Thanks for the feedback.
Title: Re: 'Alternative' idea for a PS
Post by: MikePing on January 27, 2011, 12:45:57 AM
You may want to consider using the essay for a reach school.  It does really border on gimmick, but it would certainly make you stand out.  I found a usefull article on personal statments.  Here is the link: (