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Title: What do you all think....
Post by: Kurt Cobain on July 28, 2010, 01:56:38 PM
Hey everyone, I've been reading this board for the past couple weeks, and I'm looking to get some advice. I'm going to be applying to these law schools in the fall (all part-time except CUNY because they don't have one):

NY Law
St. John's
New England Law
Golden Gate
Florida International

What do you guys think of my chances at these places, especially the NY schools (I would love to go to school/practice there)

Also, my ultimate ambition is to become a judge, so I guess I mainly am interested in working for the government.

My LSAT score (I took it only once) is 153, and my cumulative GPA is 3.13 (average is 3.21) from Boston University School of Management (undergrad business).

So what do y'all think of my chances/what do you think of these schools for my career goals. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks  ;)
Title: Re: What do you all think....
Post by: bigs5068 on July 28, 2010, 05:37:34 PM
Law School Numbers is a great place to start to see where you have a realistic shot. I got into a lot of the schools you have listed and ended up choosing GGU, which so far I really enjoy. 

FIU was a school I really considered, because of the ridiculously cheap tuition.  CUNY is also ridiculously cheap, because they are  a state school as well. The truth is that you should really go to school in the location you want to live in, unless you go to Harvard or something. With a 153 LSAT Harvard is not in the picture and all the schools you have listed are regional, so go to school in the region you want to live in.

You should go to an LSAC forum or at least register for one and you will get a ton of fee waivers and you can apply to a lot more schools. Registering is free and takes two seconds.  A week or so before the forum starts you will get a ton of e-mails from almost every school and a some will come with fee waivers. You should try to attend one of it is geographically possible and just write your LSAC number down at every booth you can. A few schools gave me a fee waiver  on the spot and a lot more sent me e-mails a few days later with fee waivers. This ended up saving me 100's maybe even a 1,000 dollars and I applied to a lot more schools than I would have if I didn't attend.

If you have any questions about GGU I would be happy to answer them. Well good luck to you.
Title: Re: What do you all think....
Post by: Kurt Cobain on July 29, 2010, 08:02:05 AM
Cool man thanks a lot for the advice. I live in Boston and I just registered for and probably will attend the Boston forum, but it isn't until October 16. I was hoping to apply as early as possible (around Oct. 1). Do you think I'll still get some fee waivers? Thanks again  :)
Title: Re: What do you all think....
Post by: bigs5068 on July 29, 2010, 08:51:03 AM
Maybe apply to your dream schools on the first. However, I would just go to the forum because it will just you a few hundred bucks. Also on the application you can write that you stopped by their booth, which might give you a 1% boost on your application.  I also saved the cards of the admissions officers I talked to and I wrote their names on the application as well.  Obviously, I don't remember any of them, but if you write an admissions officers name on the application it makes the admission officer look like they are doing their job. If you make the admissions officer look good then he might be more lenient on your application. That probably does not help that much, but I really don't think it would hurt.

I am only a 2L Law Student so there is probably better advice out there, but I do remember the forum saving me hundreds of dollars on application fees. Good luck to you.