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Title: Addendum
Post by: razzie on January 28, 2010, 12:16:53 PM
I am a non-traditional student with an sordid and strange history: At the age of 16 I was involved in a car accident which resulted in suffering a traumatic brain injury. From that point on, my motivation lagged and my behavior became erratic. I began drinking and received two minor consumptions and a DUI in high school. At the first university I attended after high school, I was academically suspended twice, received two more minors, was convicted of buying kegs for a party (I was 21), and received another DUI. After my complete failure at this first school (and a 0.40 GPA), I went to a trade school. I was not engaged in the subject at all, but since I felt that my life was heading to dangerous places, I thought that a stable job doing manuel labor was better than nothing. I finished the program at the tech school and began working for a large electrical contractor. After about a year, I know that I had made a mistake and began to question my life once more. I became overwhelmingly depressed and was convicted of ANOTHER DUI. After this third DUI, I finally decided to get professional help. I enrolled in an alcohol treatment center, visited a psychologist (who diagnosed me as depressed-a result of the head injury), and re-enrolled in college. After finishing CC with a 3.47, I moved on to a different university where I have a 3.72. I have received a scholarship for overcoming personal difficulties, studied abroad, volunteered at The Humane Society, served in student government, completed my B.A. requirements for my philosophy degree (3.5 GPA), volunteered as a DJ at a community radio station in N. England, started a PR campaign for said radio station, took notes for a disabled student, volunteered at my current university's radio station, wrote for the school newspaper, and I have been placed on the Dean's List. I have letters of recommendation from an adjunct philosophy professor who has been a lawyer for 30+ years (and who has said I have the best analytical mind of any student he has every had) and my advisor in mass comm., who specializes in media ethics and critical analysis of media. My last transgression was three years ago, I have since turned my life around (including a job in the university's nursing department) with the help of professional help and actually understanding and accepting what the TBI did to me, and am graduating this May with a 3.72 at my degree-granting university (LSDAS GPA is 2.68). I am scheduled to take the LSAT in two Saturdays and have been scoring any from 158 to 165. I was wondering what my addendum should look like; should there be separate addenda for the legal troubles and academic troubles?