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Title: Studying
Post by: lawguy09 on February 23, 2009, 07:24:21 PM
How many hours a day/week did you guys study as a 1L? what about girlfriend will be in a different city than me and i'm a bit concerned
Title: Re: Studying
Post by: WhiteyEMSR on February 23, 2009, 08:39:04 PM
First semester, I probably studied about 5-6 hours a day, a bit less on Sundays. Second semester not as much. After transferring for my second year, I lived about 3 hours from my wife (then girlfriend). We made seeing each other a priority, and one of us made the trip almost every weekend. I can't be positive how it would have been had we lived apart first year; honestly, it would have been difficult. For me, it was harder to deal with the stress than the time commitment, and that stress definitely affected our relationship.

My one piece of advice would be to make sure expectations are laid on the table before you start law school.
Title: Re: Studying
Post by: jacy85 on February 24, 2009, 04:28:52 AM
I studied 6 days a week; how long per day depended on what I had to do.  Some days I could maybe get away with 2-3 hours outside of class.  on Saturdays, when I did most of my work, I'd average more like 6-8 hours.  I usually took Sundays off to spend with my husband, and I always made time to eat dinner with him (we lived together).  The couple of weeks before a legal writing assignment was due and the 3 or so weeks before finals were exceptions to this, and I worked a lot more then.

No matter how much I or any other poster studied, law school is an individual experience.  You may have to put in a lot more time than I did, or perhaps a lot less.  I have a couple of suggestions.  First, you need to ensure that you are very, very organized so that way you can make time for what's important to you.  If you slack off during the week, and then don't do work on the weekends b/c your SO is visiting, that's a recipe for disaster.  Second, the last poster said it:  make sure expectations are clear.  Your SO needs to understand your obligations and responsibilities, and not get insecure and needy if you don't talk to her on the phone for 4 hours when you have work to do.  On the flip side, you can't use law school as a way to put her off - you need to be willing to make time to listen to her concerns and try to find a balance.  Both of you must be open to communicating about this, and both must try to be as reasonable as possible.
Title: Re: Studying
Post by: danbranum on February 24, 2009, 07:16:12 PM
Some days I didn't study at all, some days I studied for like 12 hours straight. 

How much you study should depend on your preferred study-style, setting, etc.  Approach studying like a game.  Plan the best way to maximize your study time and always plan for finals instead of planning for class.
Title: Re: Studying
Post by: Talk Is Cheap on February 24, 2009, 08:24:19 PM
Usually a couple hours a day, a lot more during finals or LRW. One day on the weekend I'd try to put in one solid 8+ hours if I was being conscientious.

Whatever works for you...after 1st semester grades come out you should know if your general approach to studying is serving you well.
Title: Re: Studying
Post by: M_Cool on February 26, 2009, 01:24:19 PM
First semester probably about 6 hours a day during the week, took Saturday off, and then like 8-10 hours on Sunday.

Second semester way less -- maybe 1-2 hours a day during the week the first half of the semester and no weekends, and then I ramped it up toward the end to get ready for finals.

Sadly, I think it takes a lot less time to get ready for finals than it does to adequately prepare for class. 
Title: Re: Studying
Post by: SASS on February 26, 2009, 01:54:33 PM

Sadly, I think it takes a lot less time to get ready for finals than it does to adequately prepare for class. 

This is true if you put the time into class preparation. It takes less time for finals because of the effort put in during the year.

My husband and I are both in law school so it was easy for us to understand that we couldn't spend more time with each other than books. Like Jacy said, stay organized and you will be able to make time for what is important to you. Your SO should understand you will have less time at the end of the semester as you prepare for exams and finish classes.